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Exclusive: Wil Wheaton is the creepiest VHS friend you never wanted in Rent-a-Pal clip

By Jacob Oller

Rent-A-Pal, IFC Midnight's upcoming nostalgic creepfest about the quaint horrors of VHS dating, looks to target a very particular time in the lives of media junkies: a time when one never knew what they'd really find on a video, when internet weirdness existed but hadn't yet actually made it to the internet. Now thanks to writer/director Jon Stevenson — who based his debut feature on a real VHS he found — and Wil Wheaton, fans can enjoy getting freaked out like it was 1990 with our exclusive clip.

The film's first trailer showed its sadsack lead (Brian Landis Folkins) finding the edges of loneliness as he cares for his aging mom. He's trying out an odd dating service, only to discover a strange (yet charming) beam of light: a friendship-offering video featuring Andy (Wil Wheaton). Too bad only misery awaits.

Check out SYFY WIRE's exclusive clip from the film below, and try to remember a time when Wheaton's aura was a calming one of geeky bonafides rather than deranged Mr. Rogers.

Take a look, but be forewarned, there's some NSFW language:

A blinking "12:00" VCR is always ominous and relatable. Especially when the video is "f***ing weird," as Folkins' character describes it. But, wait. Can the video hear him? And why isn't he just turning it off? That's a cursed video — definitely cursed. But that sweater vest makes it seem like such an inviting curse. That's probably why things escalate to such a degree once the film gets going. 

Rent-A-Pal also stars Kathleen Brady and Amy Rutledge. Fans can see all the fallout when Rent-A-Pal hits select theaters and on demand Sept. 11.