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Extended trailer for The 100 Season 6 shows an even more dangerous, distant future

By Christian Long
The 100 season 6 trailer

After the dramatic conclusion to Season 5 of The 100which saw the characters fleeing their home planet in order to escape a nuclear attack, we've got our first look at the show's much-anticipated sixth season.

Even though it's set 125 years later, everyone's favorite (and least favorite) characters will return, thanks to a century-plus in cryogenic suspension. And though they've found a new planet, Sanctum, there will be plenty of new problems facing them on the new world. Some are there waiting, while others they managed to bring along themselves.

You can check out the extended trailer for yourself right here ...

The 100 | Season 6 Extended Trailer | The CW

While the four-minute clip starts off idyllic enough, with the gang ready to settle into a new life on a new planet and start over, their infighting soon takes hold. If that wasn't bad enough, before long it's revealed what really happens on the surface of their new home. Namely, eclipse-induced rage, mysterious warriors in radiation armor hanging out in the woods, and other mysterious forces which all seem like they'll be complicating things.

Last fall, stars Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley told us at NYCC that while the new setting brings a certain renewed energy to the story, "they are the aliens" on planet Sanctum. This means they'll have to contend with the planet's own unique culture, and the mysterious, charismatic leader named Russell (J.R. Bourne), if they plan on making it without destroying yet another planet.

You can check out the Season 6 premiere of The 100 when it airs April 30 on The CW.