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SYFY WIRE The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Put on your dancing shoes, 'cause Marvel decided to #ReleasetheZemoCut

By Justin Carter

You've probably been watching The Falcon and the Winter Soldier on Disney+, and if you haven't, you still have probably seen a short clip over the last week featuring Daniel Bruhl's Baron Zemo. In it, the baddie of Captain America: Civil War is in a Madripoor nightclub, dancing in a way that only an awkward man with no true dance skills can.

Following the episode's release, Entertainment Weekly had an interview with Bruhl, who revealed there was even more footage of Zemo's awkward dancing that sadly got cut. You can guess what happened next: folks demanded that Marvel #ReleasetheZemoCut. This afternoon, Marvel acquiesed and dropped a video showing Zemo's dance skills... or lack thereof. 

According to Bruhl, Zemo's dancing was entirely improvised. "I felt the beat and was like, Zemo has been sitting in a dodgy German prison cell for years," he pointed out to EW. "So he needs to let off some steam and show his moves. Let's go for it!"

Though this week's episode probably won't involve any more nightclub dancing -- keep the hope alive, though! -- Marvel decided to go a step further and release an hour long version as well, which you can watch below. 

If for some reason you'd like to see Zemo dancing to something other than generic nightclub music, never fear. Over on Twitter, there's an account dedicated to Zemo cutting loose to any song you request.

Want to see the not-so-good Baron do the fist pump to the Walking Dead theme? You can watch that. Music from the Destiny franchise? Done. And yes, he'll even dance to the hit song of Falcon's big sibling series, WandaVisionZemo is no longer a prisoner, he is simply a Baron of the rhythm. 

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier premieres new episodes Fridays on Disney+.