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SYFY WIRE Fantasy Island

Fantasy Island's first trailer turns sunny paradise into a killer nightmare

By Jacob Oller
michael peña fantasy island

Fantasy Island sounds more like a reality show destination than a modern-day horror story rooted in monkey paw, "be careful what you wish for," horror classicism, but that's just because the film hasn't yet begun to undermine the dreams of fans all things genre.

Writer/director Jeff Wadlow (Truth or Dare) is giving the '70s TV property a Blumhouse signature spookification with his adaptation to the big screen, already giving fans a subconscious fright thanks to the film's freaky poster:

Now the film — which stars Michael Peña as the island's host, alongside such big names as Michael Rooker, Dave Bautista, Charlotte McKinney, Parisa Fitz-Henley, Austin Stowell, Lucy Hale, Maggie Q, Portia Doubleday, Jimmy O. Yang, and Ryan Hansen — has its first trailer...and things have only got stranger.

Take a look:

Why would anyone ever go to the floor with no name? Seems like a bad idea from the get-go.

Genre fans can take a much needed vacation to Fantasy Island when it hits theaters next Valentine's Day — an update from the previous release date.