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Does Fast X Have a Post-Credits Stinger? Yes, Let's Break It Down!

End credits scenes are simply par for the course in a post-MCU world.

By Josh Weiss
Vin Diesel in Fast X (2023)

End credit stingers are simply par for the course in a post-MCU reality. Any blockbuster — no matter how big or small — must adhere to the unspoken commandment that states a big-budget Hollywood release must reward fans with a little something extra. How else are you going to justify the price of concessions and a reserved seat that both reclines and heats the viewer's posterior at the same time?

So does Fast X have a post-credit scene? Yes, it does.

On occasion, it's just a small bonus gag for those able to hold their bladders in check during the wall of names crawling up the screen. Nine times out of 10, however, the intention of an end credits scene is to set up future projects and keep fan excitement high long after an audience vacates the premises.

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The Fast & Furious franchise does just that with the single mid-credits scene contained within Fast X, which was sadly so awesome it was spoiled a bit on the wider internet the past week or so ago. Anyhow, let's take a deeper look at how the latest big screen outing for the Toretto family shines its headlights on the eventual finish line with a brief, yet hierarchy-changing, epilogue.

***WARNING! The following contains major plot spoilers for Fast X!***

After the first round of credits conclude, we open on a S.W.A.T. team cautiously making their way into the bowels of an abandoned theater, guns at the ready. The leading member of the group makes their way to the front of the auditorium where a lone cell phone awaits. Dante Reyes (Jason Momoa) — who has left no stone unturned in his quest to punish every single member of the Toretto family "cult," to borrow Aimes' term — is on the line and his voice drips with menace: "Dom drove the car, but you pulled the trigger."

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We quickly flash back to the events of Fast Five as a certain someone shoots Hernan Reyes dead on that fateful bridge in Rio de Janeiro. Dante vows to come after the "lawman," and you already know what's coming as the S.W.A.T. commander pulls off his hood. It's LUKE mother freakin' HOBBS, baby!!!

Dwayne Johnson's unflappable and fan favorite DSS agent who was so popular, he took center stage in the first (and to date, only) Fast Saga spinoff movie, is back. What's more: he's not shaken in the slightest by Dante's threat. In fact, he welcomes the challenge, stating that he's "not hard to find." If that wasn't badass enough, he further disrespects Reyes Jr. by calling him a "sumbitch."

Cut to black and the remainder of credits roll.

So yeah, The Rock officially returns to the series he'd previously said he wouldn't return to after a highly-publicized feud with Fast & Furious star/producer Vin Diesel. Beef or not, Dom is going to need all the help he can get, assuming, of course, that he and Little Brian (Leo Abelo Perry) are able to escape the mouth of a dam ready to blow. It'll also be interesting to see his reunion with Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham), who rushed off to save his mother, Queenie (Helen Mirren), from Dante and Aimes' henchmen.

Johnson's unexpected return is huge news and would have been an even bigger deal if audiences were allowed to — ya know — genuinely discover it for themselves on opening day. Oh, sorry ... the intrusive thoughts won out again. Nevertheless, the stage has been perfectly set for what promises to be an Avengers: Endgame-level sendoff for these characters in Fast 11.

To use another Hobbs pearl of wisdom: "Daddy's gotta go to work."

Fast X opens in theaters everywhere Friday, May 19. Click here to pick up tickets.

Relive a small portion of the Fast Saga with Furious 7 and F9 — now streaming now on Peacock. If you want to catch up on the full story, however, click right here for our nifty guide on where to stream the first nine installments (plus Hobbs & Shaw).