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SYFY WIRE Fear the Walking Dead

Fear the Walking Dead returns with twists, turns and tree zombies(?!) in new S6 trailer 

By Trent Moore
Fear the Walking Dead

It might lack the star power of the flagship series, but the freedom afforded a spinoff has made Fear the Walking Dead arguably one of the strongest zombie shows of the past few seasons — and the action is only getting wilder in the back half of Season 6.

AMC has dropped a new trailer for the remaining nine episodes of the sixth season, with a foreboding voiceover teasing a cycle of destruction and decay — complete with an ambitiously weird zombie growing into a tree to really hammer the point home. The sixth season has already introduced a new faction (and they even wear masks, so they’re pandemic-safe!), plus some brewing tensions between the fan favorite survivors. 

Check out the new trailer below via EW:

Fear the Walking Dead has basically reinvented itself over the past few seasons, remixing its cast with crossovers characters from the main Walking Dead series, and killing off plenty of original series regulars to make room for more new faces and storylines. It’s a risky move, but it really has helped the series build out its world in exciting, unexpected ways.

Though AMC's schedule has been zombie-free for a while now since the end of spinoff series The World Beyond (which itself is coming back for another season), things are about to get a whole lot deadlier. The Walking Dead is back with its expanded batch of episodes on February 28, and Fear the Walking Dead returns April 11 to keep the undead action rolling once those more solo-centric episodes come to an end.