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SYFY WIRE Final Fantasy VII

Midgar has never looked so good in first look at Final Fantasy VII Remake's two art books

By Jacob Oller
Final Fantasy VII Poster Collection page 2

Final Fantasy VII Remake was the video game of the spring, earning an Avalanche (ha ha) of praise from critics for its stunningly fleshed-out story, exciting combat, well-written characters, and beautifully updated aesthetic. A hyper-industrial sci-fi nightmare has never looked so good (and neither has its bevy of rebellious protagonists). Gamers have had plenty of time to explore Midgar in all its reimagined glory, but there's still a lot of waiting to do before the next chapter in the classic Square Enix game's saga — so might as well kick back and drool over some beautiful art books focused on the game.

SYFY WIRE has an exclusive first look inside two upcoming books based on the beloved game: Final Fantasy VII Remake: World Preview and Final Fantasy VII Poster Collection.

World Preview is an inside look that gives behind-the-scenes and/or background information on key characters and settings while showing off the RPG's most screenshot-able moments. SYFY WIRE is debuting the pages below, focused on key gameplay elements like limit break and summons, as well as fan favorite character (and kickboxing queen) Tifa Lockheart:

Final Fantasy VII Poster Collection is exactly what it says on the tin: a bunch of awesome, removable posters that would fit in any gamer den.

Take a look:

That Sephiroth truly is a one-winged angel after our own heart. With this pair of books, players will have plenty to pore over as they wait to find out what's going on with the mysterious SOLDIER Zack Fair (featured in one of the posters) in the next game ... or theorize about the coming changes if they happen to have played the 1997 PlayStation original.

Final Fantasy VII Remake: World Preview hits stores on Sept. 8, while Final Fantasy VII Poster Collection comes out on Nov. 17. Both are available for pre-order.