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Final Fantasy XIV dazzles with release date and trailer for its Endwalker expansion

By Justin Carter
ffxiv endwalker

A new adventure is on the horizon for players Square Enix's Final Fantasy XIVThe MMORPG, which is currently free up to level 60 and includes the previously released expansions "A Realm Reborn" and "Heavensward," is receiving another expansion in the form of "Endwalker," which will take Warriors of Light on an adventure that includes traveling to the moon. Announced in February, Square Enix held another FFXIV-specific Fan Festival to divulge more new information, including its Nov. 23 release date.

There was a lot of ground covered at the event, but let's focus on the big stuff. The moon -- and yes, there is gravity and oxygen, and you'll figure out how during the expansion -- is something of a popular location across the larger franchise, spanning several games, and "Endwalker" looks to continue that storied tradition.  One of the moon's regions, Mare Lamentorum, was shown in a brief trailer

As is the case with previous expansions, more locations await for players to visit in "Endwalker." Players will get to travel to Old Sharlayan, which has been previously talked about in the game.  As described by director/producer Naoki Yoshida (aka Yoshi-P), this hub will be for this expansion what Crystarium was for the beloved "Shadowbringers," which is surely exciting for longtime fans. Visiting it is a first for the players, and it's an isolationist scholar nation that won't take kindly to the sudden population surge. Other new locations include Labyrinthos, an underground area lit by an artificial sun; Thavnair, the in-universe origin for the Dancer job; and a floating sky city that Yoshida avoided naming. 

Along with the new lunar adventure, "Endwalker" will introduce two new jobs -- the Sage, first revealed in February, and the Reaper. In a Reaper cosplay of his own, Yoshi-P explained how players will wield a scythe and carve up enemies with this melee DPS job. Your job will have you start in Ul'dah, and all you need to do is have any of your characters at level 70 to begin your new life as a Reaper.

One last piece of news, and this is sure to please many a fan: Male Viera are coming with "Endwalker." The rabbit-like people, first introduced in Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced, came to FFXIV with "Shadowbringers" in 2019. At the time, only the Female Viera were available, along with a female version of the lion-like Hrothgar, and Square didn't have plans to release the opposite gender versions for either race. It was thanks to the passion of the fans, plus the graphics team working "extremely hard," that the Male Viera has seen the light of day. As for the Female Hrothgar? It won't come with "Endwalker," but it's planned to join at a later date. 

Final Fantasy XIV's "Endwalker" expansion will release for the PC and PS4 on Nov. 23. A PS5 version of the MMO will arrive later in the year.