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SYFY WIRE Renfield

Nicolas Cage hams it up as scorned Dracula in bloody final trailer for horror-comedy 'Renfield'

It's Renfield vs. Dracula in the latest trailer for the upcoming horror-comedy.

By Matthew Jackson
Nicolas Cage in Renfield (2023)

By now, even if you haven't seen much of the footage, you've probably heard about the hook behind Renfield, the upcoming horror-comedy from director Chris McKay starring Nicholas Hoult in the title role. Renfield's spent decades serving only Count Dracula (Nicolas Cage), and he wants out. What that means, and what it takes to get what he wants, will make up the bulk of the movie's conflict, and now a new trailer is shedding more light on the emotional stakes of the fight.

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This particular trailer begins by flashing back 90 years, and showing us the moment when Renfield defied all logic and the urgings of his fellow humans and decided to tie himself to Dracula forever. Cut to present day, and he's very aware that he made a mistake all those years ago. Dracula seems more demanding than ever, and Renfield feels stuck in a toxic relationship from which he'll never be freed.

Then comes the night when he uses his Dracula-given powers to defeat a gang of thugs, earning the admiration Rebecca (Awkwafina), a cop who happens to witness the whole heroic affair. With Rebecca's encouragement, Renfield starts to imagine a world in which he's won back his freedom from his vampiric boss. 

Of course, this is Dracula we're talking about, and he's not going to part with his favorite servant quite so easily. What follows is a battle between Renfield and Dracula's many, many dark disciples, turning up the action factor on the film in a big way. 

Watch the final trailer for Renfield starring Nicolas Cage:

Written by Ryan Ridley from an original idea by producer Robert Kirkman (yes, The Walking Dead's own Robert Kirkman), Renfield promises to deliver a new spin on Universal Pictures' decades-long tradition of classic monsters, and the fun might not stop here. Though McKay acknowledged that the film wasn't necessarily designed to connect to other Universal Monsters, potential sequels could perhaps explore their own creative takes on other legendary creatures as Renfield's story continues.

Renfield is in theaters April 14. You can pick up tickets right now on Fandango.