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Trish wants to be her own kind of hero in first clip from Jessica Jones' final season

By Matthew Jackson
Jessica Jones Season 3 Trish

The final season of Netflix's Jessica Jones is almost here, and a new clip has just arrived to remind us why we're so into the show's lead characters. 

Season 2 of the series left a lot of things in shambles by the end, including the friendship between Jessica (Krysten Ritter) and her childhood friend and surrogate sister Trish Walker (Rachael Taylor). Jessica spent much of the season trying to figure out where she came from, and in the process learned that her mother (Janet McTeer) was not only secretly alive all these years, but also gifted with the same superpowers that Jessica herself struggled with, along with tremendous mental instability. Jessica fought to form a connection to her mother, and even considered helping her escape her various crimes, but that ended when Trish — who'd spent the season trying to find a way to get superpowers herself — killed Alisa Jones, leaving Jessica to clean up the mess. 

By the end of the season, Trish had the superpowers she'd been demanding, and in Season 3 she seems to be doing her best to put them to good use, going out at night to enact her own brand of vigilante justice. Jessica, who's dealing with a deadly stalker in Season 3, was unaware that her friend now had abilities until she saw them for herself, and the resulting argument is what's on display in this clip. 

Jessica has always wrestled with the idea of being a hero, particularly when the trauma caused by Kilgrave's use of her abilities led her to become more reclusive and scared of her own ability to hurt people. Juxtaposing that with Trish, who's now fully powered after years of searching for something like Jessica's gifts and really wants to be a hero, will be an interesting dynamic for the final season. Superhero stories have long toyed with the balance between wanting to be a hero and being called upon to be one, and this show's brand of moral ambiguity feels like a great place to explore that. 

Jessica Jones' final season arrives Friday on Netflix.