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It's a beautiful night in first trailer for Disney's live-action Lady and the Tramp

By Matthew Jackson
Lady and the Tramp screenshot

Disney just unveiled the first trailer for its live-action Lady and the Tramp remake at D23 Expo, which means it's a beautiful night to watch two cute dogs eat spaghetti together.

The trailer arrived during a lengthy presentation for the House of Mouse's new Disney+ streaming service, which will feature everything from new Star Wars and Marvel series to classic Disney films to all-new original movies. Lady and the Tramp will be the first of Disney's long-running series of live-action updates to its classic animation catalog to arrive on Disney+ instead of theaters, following 2019's already-released live-action remake of Aladdin and the photorealistically animated update of The Lion King.

Tessa Thompson stars in this version as Lady, a Cocker Spaniel adopted by a well-to-do family at the beginning of the film. She becomes the center of their life, and that suits her just fine, until she meets the Tramp (Justin Theroux), a streetwise mutt who thrives in a world where he doesn't have to deal with things like owners and leashes. Together they begin a star-crossed love story that features, among other things, everyone's favorite Disney animation scene involving pasta.

The first trailer is, as expected, a faithful recreation of the original film, from the beautifully wrapped box Lady arrives in to the Tramp's cocky attitude. And yes, they share a plate of Italian food while a new version of the classic song "Bella Notte" is playing. Check it out:

Lady and the Tramp will be one of the inaugural pieces of original programming on Disney+, arriving along with the streaming service on November 12. Keep checking back with SYFY WIRE this weekend for more updates from D23.