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Full Trailer For Five Nights at Freddy's Movie Gives Us Best Look Yet at Those Killer Animatronics

Five Nights at Freddy's arrives on the big screen and Peacock Friday, Oct. 27.

By Josh Weiss
Five Nights At Freddy’s | Official Trailer

Get a good look at Freddy Fazbear and his troupe of animatronic killers in the official trailer for Blumhouse's long-awaited film adaptation of the Five Nights at Freddy's video game franchise. The movie is scheduled to hit theaters and Peacock Friday, Oct. 27.

Directed by Emma Tammi (The WindBlood Moon), the survival horror flick stars Hunger Games vet Josh Hutcherson as Mike Schmidt, a down-on-his-luck father who accepts the role of a nocturnal security guard at a defunct, ShowBiz Pizza-esque parlor/arcade that closed down decades ago after a number of children disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

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Well, the malevolent spirits of those missing youngsters are possessing the establishment's robotic mascots and they want to bring a new member into the Chuck E. Cheesy fold: the security guard's young daughter, Abby (Holly & Ivy's Piper Rubio).

As you might expect, they'll kill anyone who gets in their way. Kat Conner Sterling (We Have a Ghost), Mary Stuart Masterson (Fried Green Tomatoes) and Matthew Lillard (Scream) round out the principal cast. The animatronics were handled by the legendary creatives at Jim Henson’s Creature Shop.

Watch the official trailer for the long-awaited Five Nights at Freddy's movie below:

An adaptation of the fan favorite source material has been in development for nearly a decade, with Blumhouse snapping up the property in 2017 when a version from writer/director Gil Kenan (Ghostbusters: Afterlife) failed to materialize at Warner Bros.

Writer G.O. Parsons and director Kevin Lewis satiated the public's demand for all-out animatronic slaughter during the COVID-19 pandemic with Willy's Wonderland, which starred Nicolas Cage (Renfield stream it now on Peacock) as a silent janitor battling robotic performers hellbent on homicide.

"I think it helps everyone," Lewis told SYFY WIRE. "I think [if] people watch Willy’s and they like Willy’s, they’ll say, ‘Hey, I wanna watch Banana Splits.’ Or they watch Willy’s, and they’ll be so pumped for [the] Five Nights at Freddy’s [movie] when it comes out."

Scott Cawthon, creator of the Freddy's IP, shares screenplay credit with Tammi and Seth Cuddeback. Cawthon also serves as a producer alongside Jason Blum. Bea Sequeira, Russell Binder, Marc Mostman, and Christopher H. Warner are executive producers. 

Five Nights at Freddy's arrives on the big screen and Peacock Friday, Oct. 27. In the meantime, celebrate the full trailer with this toe-tapping A.I. cover of the FNAF theme song sung by the great Frank Sinatra (it goes much harder than it has any right to).

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