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The CW's Flash drops first trailer for Season 7, teases what's next at DC FanDome

By Jacob Oller & Benjamin Bullard
The Flash CW press photo

The Flash's sixth season on The CW came to an abrupt cliffhangery halt when the coronavirus pandemic stopped production back in March. Obviously, fans are ready for some answers —and team Flash took to the DC FanDome to answer them. Even better? Despite the shutdown, they still managed to put a teaser trailer together.

Executive producer Eric Wallace helmed a panel featuring stars Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Danielle Panabaker, Carlos Valdes, Jesse L. Martin, Danielle Nicolet, Kayla Compton, and Brandon McKnight as they broke down what was going on when Season 6 ended. How will the team deal with Eva? What's the deal with Caitlin and her mom? And wait, there's a whole lot more mirror universe stuff left to unpack. Thankfully, the new trailer addresses some of these issues.

Take a look:

The panel also gave fans a fun behind-the-scenes look at this past season's noir episode “Kiss Kiss Breach Breach,” framed in black and white with Danny Trejo’s Breacher none too happy (and none too correct) about his daughter’s fate. The noir cut of the episode will be included in the upcoming DVD and Blu-ray release for Season 6.

Things moved quickly, though, to talk of the season to come, with Wallace setting up a high-drama and action-packed sizzle reel that, remarkably, he said contained only footage from the first episode.

“What would have been the 20th episode last season will partially become part of the first episode of Season 7,” he explained, adding that fans might learn more than meets the eye from the clip if they’re really dialed in. “[P]ay attention closely,” he said, “because there are huge spoilers all over the place” — so, naturally, let the theorizing begin.

We get to see a shot of fellow speedster Godspeed taking on Barry, plus a look at Iris, who is as confident as ever but battling madness while still stuck in the Mirrorverse. Barry also seems to have built his own artificial Speed Force generator with the help of the STAR Labs crew, if a fleeting shot is to be believed.

But what about the state of The Flash himself, now that his powers are only a few hours from running out for good — at the same time an out-of-control jet is crashing into the city? Is there any upside at all to just being a regular guy without the fast feet? Gustin doesn’t think so: “I think he really just misses it, especially with Iris being trapped in the Mirrorverse at the moment,” he said. “He genuinely not just wants his power back; he needs it back” — in part because Season 7 will see The Flash come to terms with just how integral his superpowers are to his human side.

Wallace said the show won’t just have old-school DC fans in mind as it picks up speed in the new season. He’s also hoping to rope in new fans; younger comic book readers who might only be getting their first taste of Team Flash without the context that comes with decades’ worth of expectation.

Young fans, he said, “are welcome to the show,” because “it’s not just Silver Age villains, or Bronze Age villains” that keep viewers tuning in as The CW eyes future seasons in what’s now the network’s longest-running DC series (with universe-starter Arrow now in the rearview mirror).

While The Flash is expected to return in January, a premiere date wasn’t revealed during Saturday’s panel — only a “2021” time tease at the end of the Season 7 trailer. In the meantime, we’ll be watching and re-watching the clip, to see what Wallace might be hinting at with all those premiere episode spoilers.