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Former Stargate producer’s take on Amazon’s MGM deal: ‘No doubt’ we’ll see a new series, but questions remain

By Trent Moore
Stargate SG-1 Getty

With news that Amazon is acquiring MGM in a deal valued at more than $8 billion, attention immediately turned to what that might mean for all the properties controlled by the company — namely stuff like James Bond, Stargate, and Robocop. Well, now one of the original producers on the old Stargate series has chimed in with his thoughts.

Joseph Mallozzi, who served as a producer on SG-1, Atlantis and Stargate Universe, offered up his take on the situation in a recent blog post. To be clear, Mallozzi has nothing to do with any new Stargate project at this point — though fellow original producer Brad Wright is developing plans for a revival, though there’s been no news on when or if that project might materialize. Of course, Amazon’s purchase of MGM will obviously play a critical role in any future decision-making.

So for now, all fans can do it wait.

But what does Mallozzi think about it all? In his opinion from the outside looking in, there’s no doubt we’ll get a new Stargate project at some point, since Amazon will be looking to capitalize on all that juicy, beloved IP it just ponied up to buy. The question now is whether it’ll be a full-fledged reboot, or something that revives the original franchise and keeps that canon (and continuity, characters, etc.) in place.

“There’s no doubt that if this sale is finalized, we will see a new Stargate series sooner than later. The big question is ‘What will this new series look like?’ It’s no secret that longtime Stargate (SG-1, Atlantis, Universe) co-creator Brad Wright has been developing a new show,” he wrote. “In a best case scenario, an executive familiar with the franchise, and its amazing fandom, will recognize the huge potential there and fast-track his series. In the worst case scenario, someone else is brought in, 20 years of canon gets wiped out, and the fans get screwed. The latter is, in my view, most unlikely.”

It’s nice to see Mallozzi has hope things will work out in the end for Stargate, though in the meantime, he noted fans might want to take to social media to create some targeted buzz to let Amazon decision-makers know there’s still an active and fervent fanbase wanting to see more adventures soon.