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WIRE Buzz: Foundation set for Game of Thrones-level production; Beneath Us trailer; more

By Jacob Oller
Beneath Us screenshot

An upcoming Isaac Asimov adaptation is getting a production as epic as its source material. The upcoming Apple TV+ series Foundation, where Jared Harris and Lee Pace will lead David S. Goyer and Josh Friedman’s interpretation of the classic story of exiles, empires, scientists, and science fiction, is set to outpace even Game of Thrones during its Irish production.

According to Deadline, Foundation will take the top spot over HBO’s massive fantasy hit, which brought hundreds of jobs to Ireland over the course of its production. Now, as Screen Ireland explained, Apple’s Foundation show would overcome even that juggernaut with an incoming 500 production jobs. Shooting at Limerick’s Troy Studios, Foundation will be the latest project to raise the international image of Ireland as an in-vogue filming location.

“Ireland’s screen production sector has more than doubled in the last decade,” Screen Ireland chair Annie Doona said, “and it continues to be a critical component of both our economy and our social fabric.” Big tax incentives and a lovely, varied environment continue to be draws for productions of both TV and film.

These factors, along with Game of Thrones’ continued influence on the economy, makes Ireland seem like the next New Zealand. The latter country became a hot film production location after becoming Middle-earth for Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings films. Now, in a post-Game of Thrones world, Ireland is still attracting big properties — and creating jobs from GoT’s continued association.

NI Travel News reports that a new Banbridge-based Game of Thrones studio tour, centered on the Linen Mill Studios (a main filming site for the series), will bring 200 jobs to the area when it opens this fall. The studio will be extended to include an interactive GoT experience estimated to draw in £396.2m in total tourist spending over the next decade.

Next, socially conscious horror (or at least horror that wears its social consciousness on its sleeve) is making a new step in the path forged by Get Out. This time, however, undocumented Mexican immigrants are the subject at hand. And what a heavy hand it is in the new film Beneath Us. No, not Us, Jordan Peele's follow-up to Get OutBeneath Us.

The trailer for the movie from director Max Pachman (who co-wrote with Mark Mavrothalasitis) is pretty hammy, but perhaps there’s potential for a genre film about a little-seen on-screen demographic.

Take a look:

Beneath Us stars Lynn Collins and James Tupper as the evil rich folks alongside the put-upon characters played by Rigo Sanchez, Roberto "Sanz" Sanchez, Thomas Chavira, and Josue Aguirre. The latter group will all have to survive a day laboring job gone wrong and, if movies have taught us anything, get revenge in the process.

Beneath Us goes underground on March 6.

Finally, everyone in the know in the DCEU knows the rumor about the Snyder Cut, the mythical version of Justice League edited entirely by Man of Steel director Zack Snyder. But what about the Gunn cut? Filmmaker James Gunn hasn’t had any issues with his superhero movies, but he did work on a film that was rumored to have been very different before the studio made some changes: Scooby-Doo.

The live-action adaptation of the sleuthing teen squad and their talking dog was originally meant to be an adult-oriented romp but eventually became a silly PG version closer to the source material than its original intent. When asked about the changes — and whether a different, more R- or PG-13-rated cut existed — the Guardians of the Galaxy director explained how it all went down.

Check it out:

Not only would the edited version be named for director Raja Gosnell, it wouldn’t ever be as R-rated as people would like to believe. In actuality, only a few changes needed to be made to bring it down from PG-13 to PG:

Sexual elements were reduced or eliminated entirely and the jokes became kid-friendly ... and Gunn’s regret at those changes is now complicated by a younger fanbase that took to it:

But as far as a cut keeping those original elements? Gunn doesn’t believe they’ll ever see the light of day:

Ah well, one conspiracy debunked. Back to the Snyder Cut hashtag, then.