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An Animated Horror Series? From Eli Roth & DreamWorks? Say Hello to the Fright Krewe

Set in voodoo-infused New Orleans, it’s the Shrek studio’s first intrepid step into scare territory.

By Benjamin Bullard
Fright Krewe

What does a horror master like Eli Roth do for a present-day encore after a creative career spent helming fright classics like Hostel, Cabin Fever, and The Green Inferno? How about getting the kids in on a little scare action — this time in a tense but toned-down way — with a DreamWorks animated horror series?

DreamWorks Animation has just revealed the upcoming Fright Krewe, which, as the name playfully hints, takes a page from New Orleans’ historic carnival culture in spinning a terror tale about teens taking on demons in the Big Easy. Created by Roth and A Million Little Pieces author James Frey, the story centers on a squad of adults in-the-making who might just have a harder time bonding together than they will dispatching an age-old evil.

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“An ancient prophecy and a Voodoo Queen put misfit teens in charge of saving New Orleans from the biggest demonic threat it’s faced in almost two centuries,” teases DreamWorks. “But, honestly? Saving the world might be easier than becoming friends.”

DreamWorks Animation's First Horror Project

Bound for both Peacock and Hulu, the 10-episode series is set to arrive sometime later this year. Creators Roth and Frey also serve as the show’s executive producers, alongside Joanna Lewis and Kristine Songco, who’ve previously teamed as co-producers on Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous for Netflix. Mitchell Smith and animator Shane Acker also will serve a co-executive producers.

For DreamWorks, it’s the first time the iconic studio behind animated classics like Shrek and How to Train Your Dragon (which itself is getting a live-action movie remake) has intrepidly dipped a toe into the horror genre. The same can’t be said of Roth, of course, who’s been plumbing the depths of terror for years — most recently as the director of the upcoming serial-killer slasher Thanksgiving. He’s also at the wheel for Lionsgate’s upcoming feature film adaptation of the hilariously slapstick post-apocalyptic Borderlands video game series.

The voice cast for Fright Krewe hasn’t yet been revealed, though Dreamworks gave fans a first-look image peek, shown above, at the animated five-member team of New Orleans teens who’ll be tempting voodoo-infused fate to save their city. Stay tuned for casting news (as well as a firm debut date) while we await Fright Krewe’s spooky arrival on Peacock and Hulu.

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