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G4 teams with Wizards of the Coast for D&D Live streaming event, new TV series later this year

By Matthew Jackson

Later this year, after seven years away from the airwaves, beloved gaming network G4 is making a triumphant return. This summer, it'll partner with another of the biggest names in the gaming world to make that resurrection even more exciting. 

G4 and Wizards of the Coast has announced that they've partnered to present the 2021 edition of D&D Live, a two-day streaming event featuring star-studded Dungeons & Dragons games and more, this July. The event will air on all of G4's platforms and all of Dungeons & Dragons' platforms simultaneously, and promises to be packed with loot for viewers eager to get in on the tabletop fun.

D&D Live 2021 is going to be an innovative event with new forms of interactivity for a live streaming audience and the perfect D&D introduction for new audiences,” Brian Terwilliger, VP of Programming and Creative Strategy at G4, said in a statement. “We’re thrilled to partner with Wizards of the Coast to give fans adventure, comedy, and an incredibly entertaining journey into the theater of the mind.”

Dungeons and Dragons

This year's D&D Live event will be held July 16 and 17 and feature four separate games, each with an "expert DM" and a cast of still-to-be-announced stars. In beween the games themselves viewers will also be able to tune in for giveaways, a Dungeon Master roundtable, product announcements, interviews, and more. 

“As we continue to interact with our audience leading up to the launch of the network, one of the most resounding requests was for tabletop gaming content,” Kevin Sabbe, Head of Content for G4, said. “This partnership reinforces our focus on authentic gaming content that will entertain existing D&D fans and those new to the world of tabletop as well.”

Ever since G4 teased its return with a cryptic announcement that it "never stopped playing" last year, fans have been looking forward to what kind of new programming they might be able to expect from the network's return, and now G4 has revealed that the new tabletop shows won't stop with D&D Live. The network has also partnered with Wizards of the Coast for a limited series set to air later this year, which will feature four different Dungeons & Dragons campaigns starring "a mix of G4 talent, veteran D&D players, and celebrities."

So get ready, tabletop fans, because the return of G4 is set to feature plenty of the dice-rolling, DM-led action you love. 

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