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Gal Gadot pining for 'Meet Me in Another Life,' set to produce and star in new sci-fi romance movie

By Vanessa Armstrong
Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot is suiting up for a genre film again, only this time instead of flying through the air as Wonder Woman she’ll be jumping through alternate realities to reconnect with a lost love.

According to a release (via Deadline), Gadot and Jaron Varsano’s production company, Pilot Wave, has teamed up with Charles Roven and Richard Suckle at Atlas Entertainment — the company behind her Wonder Woman movies — to buy the adaptation rights to Catriona Silvey’s debut novel, Meet Me in Another Life. Gadot is also on board to star in the film, once it makes its way to production.

The book, which just came out in the U.S. on April 27, focuses on Thora and Santi, two strangers who continue to meet in different versions of reality where they have different relationships — sometimes they’re friends, sometimes they’re lovers, sometimes they’re enemies. Their connection, however, speaks to a larger mystery that they must solve before their many lives come to an end.

“Catriona’s characters are beautifully explored and deeply complex – their reincarnations sometimes bordering on taboo – that the payoff of their self-discovery feels genuine and earned,” Gadot and Varsano said in a statement.

Debut author Silvey is also understandably excited about the potential adaptation. “As a writer, I’m so inspired by the storytelling possibilities of film,” said Silvey. “I’m beyond thrilled that a team that has been involved in some of my absolute favorites will be giving my book a whole new life in another medium.”

The genre-bending story sounds like a compelling one. And while it’s still early days (we don't even know who will co-star with Gadot — perhaps a WW reunion with Chris Pine?!), it’s exciting to know that in our version of reality, we’ll get to watch the movie Meet Me in Another Life, starring Gal Gadot, sometime in the future.

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