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SYFY WIRE Geek Road Trip

Geek Road Trip: 6 extra-nerdy Airbnb to book for your next vacation

By Kristina Manente

When looking for a place to stay, certain things may call to you. A nice view, proximity to local attractions, perhaps a pool ... or maybe a hobbit hole or Thor's hammer smashed into the wall. We all prioritize different amenities.

For those of a nerdy persuasion, staying somewhere with a fandom theme can add that special something to your trip. And if you don't feel like staying in a geeky hotel, there are plenty of nerdy rooms and homes scattered about the globe, especially in the world of Airbnb. So while you could rent that random room in some person's back bedroom, you also could rent a Hogwarts-themed apartment. A no-brainer, if you ask us.

If you're looking to add a bit of fandom to your next vacation rental, we've got you covered.


Harry Potter — Atlanta, GA

If you're wanting to add a bit of magic to your next stay in Atlanta, make sure to book this Harry Potter themed apartment before available dates disapparate. Run by property manager Dj, who is a huge Potterhead himself, the apartment came about after wanting to stand out and noticing a distinct lack of Harry Potter rentals. After two months of decor and prop shopping, including a trip to Universal Studios' Wizarding World of Harry Potter, the two bed, one bath condominium was ready.

"The people who stay with us are usually hardcore fans. We get drawings, notes, presents, we have even had people make wands and a Bowtruckle and leave them for us." Dj tells us. "We love that people play along and participate in our little world." 

There's an interactive element to this rental as well, as Dj and the team have hidden seven horcruxes around the apartment for a seek and find game.

The Harry Potter listing has been so popular and successful, what with everyone from fans to movie producers staying there, that they're now planning two more themed apartments in the future.


Nintendo — Lisbon, Portugal

If you're heading to Portugal any time soon, make sure to spend at least a night in this amazing '80s throwback of a gaming room in Lisbon. Featuring one bed and a shared bathroom with other rooms in the flat, this rental offers a Mario party and a half.

"Every single piece of decoration in the apartment has a meaning to me," André, the apartment's owner, told SYFY WIRE. "I am crazy about all things vintage, the '80s, video games, movies, [and] music."


The attention to detail shows, what with vintage Gameboys on display as well as a Nintendo Wii U with over 20 games available to play and a pair of Nintendo 3DS. It's a gamer's dream room.

"It really attracts all sort of people not only nerds or geeks as you would expect, which surprised me a lot," André said. "Most come because it’s different, unusual and looks fun. Others just want to try the Darth Vader and Super Mario costumes I have in the rooms. Who wouldn’t, right?"

Who wouldn't indeed. In the same building, André has multiple other themed rooms including a Star Wars room and one themed with sardines, because why not?


Marvel — Manila, Philippines

Located in Taguig City, part of the Manila metro area, this luxury Marvel studio will have you screaming "Excelsior!" for all its nods to The Avengers and expanded MCU. SkySuites PH was among the first to launch themed rooms in The Philippines, having units based on Harry Potter and Star Wars as well.

"Marvel — both comics and cinematic — have been a big part of our lives growing up," The owners explained. "Our love and respect for this universe have spanned generations within our family. In fact, some of the toys we have on display are gifts we gave to our parents when we were little. Some of the official Marvel memorabilia are already two decades old!"


Those looking to have a little fun while staying here will be glad to know there are interactive elements like masks, gloves, and toys to play with (for all ages).

"Our guests are a combination of hardcore Marvel fans and people who are looking for something different. We've had families celebrate birthdays for their kids in our unit, we had a group host a Dungeons and Dragons game night, we had a couple do their prenuptial photoshoot there, too."


Star Wars — Melbourne, Australia

Book here to stay, you will. You'll be greeted by a life-size vintage C3P0 and R2D2 when you enter this North Melbourne suite. With the claim that it is the first and only Star Wars rental in Melbourne, this apartment features "original, vintage and new memorabilia from George Lucas’ famous movie series."

The Easter eggs abound in this apartment, from the cereal bowls to the BB-8 lamp and a rather macabre Han Solo carbonite bar fridge. There's also a star projector to turn on at night to really make you feel like you're in a galaxy far, far away.


And while you're free to snuggle up with the Wampa Hoth-style on the bed, the owner also says that "Wampa can sleep in the cupboard at night," if you don't feel like potentially getting eaten. Then again, you can always face off with it as lightsabers are supplied as well as voice-changing masks, should you want to succumb to The Dark Side.


The Hobbit — Orondo, Washington

There's nothing quite like Hobbit hospitality, and you'll find that in this breathtaking dwelling on the Columbia River Gorge.

Kristie Mae Wolfe, the builder, admits that she didn't read The Hobbit before constructing the home, having been inspired by the images of Hobbit holes, but wanting to make it her own and not be too influenced by the canon. That said, she did have quite a bit of help from fans of the books and films.

"During the build I did consult a lot of true [Lord of the Rings] nerds on forums to make sure I was being as accurate as possible," she explained. "For example, I really wanted a wood carved cuckoo clock. I designed it as though a carpenter Hobbit lives there so that’s where all the wood elements come from. [However] I didn’t know if Hobbits had clocks, so I popped on to a forum and folks cited multiple instances that proved they did."


With six acres of the property available to hike and explore, it's not hard to imagine oneself in Middle Earth while staying here. it's a sentiment shared by most of Wolfe's renters.

"Mostly uber-fans [stay here]! Which I love — they wear costumes, bring props and just take it to a whole other level!"


Pixar — Anaheim, California

Fans of Toy Story and Monsters Inc. won't want to miss this Nerds in Paradise listing in Anaheim, California. Whether you're hitting up Disneyland or Hollywood, this fun and super nerdy spot contains multiple themed rooms for a seriously fun time.

Custom made artwork brings Woody, Mr. Potato Head, and more characters to life, and the cloud wallpaper will really make you wonder what those toys will actually be up to once you leave. Boo's room from Monsters Inc is also a choice to rest your head, complete with monster (and fish) friends to cuddle at night to ward off (or welcome) some night time visitors.


The house also has a Star Wars room and a ton of activities for you and your friends to enjoy including arcade games, skateboards, an air hockey table, and an outdoor pool.