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SYFY WIRE The Good Place

Genre's greatest himbos

By Alyssa Fikse

Is there any characterquite as endearing as the himbo? Large, handsome, dumb, and kind, the himbo is a truly delightful creature who is always a welcome addition to any ensemble. A himbo will make you swoon while also encouraging an emotion that can only be summed up with a hair ruffle and a slightly confused “oh, you.” With the return of Bill and Ted, the perfectors of the archetype, one can't help but feel the urge to explore more examples that fit the bill.

There are some characters that are almost residents of Himbo Nation, but somehow miss the mark. You can’t just proclaim every soft jock a himbo. James T. Kirk is close, but no himbo could solve the Kobayashi Maru. Similarly, Guardians of the Galaxy's Star-Lord dances right up to the line, but lacks the requisite kindness.

No, there is a certain ineffable quality that sets apart the himbo from your run-of-the-mill hunk. You just have to know where to look.

George of the Jungle

George of the Jungle

While almost any character Brendan Fraser played in the ‘90s could qualify, George has himbo energy in its purest form. Seemingly spending his time in the jungle pumping iron and learning how to respect women from an ape named Ape, George is such a himbo that he feels like an anomaly in the human world. If you aren’t convinced, watch the scene with the horses again. Take your time. You deserve it.

Jason Mendoza of The Good Place

Jason Mendoza

Ridiculous cheekbones, an affinity for solving problems with molotov cocktails, and a profound misunderstanding of how Spider-Man got his powers cements Jason Mendoza as The Good Place’s resident himbo. Jason’s innate sweetness, especially in his relationship with not-a-girl Janet, is icing on the cake. She makes the bass drop in his heart, which is truly the most himbo love declaration of all time.

Thor: Ragnarok


Thor really became Marvel’s One True Himbo in Ragnarok, so we really have Taika Waititi to thank for his inclusion on this list. Sure, he was always large and handsome, but he had an awkward Shakespearean air that would have otherwise disqualified him. In Ragnarok, he excitedly tells his fellow Revengers about a time when his trickster brother Loki stabbed him as a child after pretending to be a snake because “he knows I love snakes.” Only a himbo would speak of such an instance with anything resembling fondness and understanding. Plus, Hemsworth is definitely the biggest himbo in the Hollywood Chris Ranking, so it would be a crime to exclude him.

Madmartigan in Willow


Over the course of Willow, Val Kilmer’s Madmartigan truly grows into the title of himbo. While his kindness isn’t apparent in the beginning, the hapless warrior’s soft spot for Elora Dannon and her Nelwyn guardian puts him firmly in this category. A slip in the snow while attempting to show off his sword skills while barechested really seals the deal.

Han Solo

Han Solo

Star Wars contains a lot of characters who are on the cusp of true himbo-dom but somehow miss the mark. Luke Skywalker is too much of a twink to qualify, Poe Dameron is a little too smart, etc. While the original trilogy’s version of Han Solo is too cynical to qualify, Solo: A Star Wars Story showed fans a side of Han that was a bit more earnest and sweet. Losing his girlfriend to a Sith Lord’s gang would give anyone a bit of an edge, but young Han’s glee over building a friendship with Chewbacca is pure himbo magic.

Joshua Felix Chan of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Josh Chan

Joshua Felix Chan of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend may have been handsome and kind enough to inspire obsession from Rebecca Bunch, but he was also dumb enough not to realize the extent of their relationship dysfunction. Plus, "Fit Hot Guys Have Problems Too" is basically a himbo anthem.


While himbos are not known for their book smarts, they are capable of amazing moments of emotional intelligence. This is the primary reason why Frozen’s Kristoff qualifies and he does it on the strength of his power ballad in Frozen 2. Dreamy, large, and singing about his relationship problems with his reindeer friend? Baby, that’s a himbo.



Honestly, an argument could be made that most Disney princes qualify as himbos, but Hercules’ desire to help and his impressive pectorals put him at the top of the heap. He doesn’t understand Oedipus and he isn’t sure why Meg is so mean to him, but damn it, he’s just happy to be there. Blindly striding into the Underworld without anything resembling a plan is also a move straight from The Himbo Playbook. Luckily, this version of the myth leaves out the eventual madness and family murdering, which is decidedly anti-himbo behavior.

Tormund Giantsbane in Game of Thrones

Tormund Giantsbane

The world of Game of Thrones is a bit too harsh for nurturing a himbo, but the wildling warrior somehow manages. The burliest man from North of the Wall, Tormund takes the poor baby crow Jon Snow under his ginger wing and helps him navigate the wildling way of life. Sure, he takes the piss out of Jon at every opportunity, but you just know that beautiful oaf means well. Plus his unabashed admiration for Brienne lets you know that Tormund drinks a healthy dose of Respecting Women Juice as part of his balanced diet.

Stranger Things

Steve Harrington

While Steve Harrington might not have the physical bulk of other himbos on this list, we’ll give him a pass since he’s still in high school. Again, Harrington’s true qualities don’t truly manifest until later seasons of Stranger Things, but with that head of hair, low GPA, and genuine concern for the unruly children that somehow flock to him, it would be a crime to leave him off of this list.

Kronk in The Emperor's New Groove


The Emperor's New Groove's Kronk has the build of a linebacker and the perfect spinach puff recipe, so you know he had to appear on this list somewhere. Sure, he’s technically a villainous henchman, which would easily disqualify a lesser being, but thus is the strength of his himbo powers. Somehow he genuinely cares about Yzma and her quest to usurp Kuzco’s kingdom while also being a total sweetheart. Play hopscotch or stage a coup? Both are valid options here. Bonus points for being voiced by Patrick Warburton, a long-standing himbo hero across film and television.

Batman & Robin (1997)

Robin, as portrayed by Chris O’Donnell

Not every version of the boy wonder qualifies as a himbo. Whatever Christopher Nolan was trying to do with Joseph Gordon-Levitt in The Dark Knight Rises definitely wouldn’t make the list, but Chris O’Donnell’s acrobatic, rubber-nippled take on Batman’s sidekick has the right amount of shaggy charm to take on this important mantle. He might be the whiniest entry on this list, but he comes through with wax lips when he needs to.

Jason Momoa as Aquaman


The latest iteration of Arthur Curry really comes by this label due to Jason Momoa’s natural himbo vibe. If one of your catchphrases is the bro-ish “my man!” and you somehow manage to pull it off with any degree of likability, your himbo status is firmly intact.

Jason Stackhouse in True Blood

Jason Stackhouse

Those abs, that accent, all of the misguided choices. On a show absolutely stacked with babes, Jason Stackhouse is the himbo supreme.

Chris Hemsworth as Kevin in Ghostbusters


What's that? More Hemsworth, you say? Citizens of galaxies both discovered and undiscovered, I hear you. Australia's finest export gets two spots on this list due to the sheer magnitude of his himbo aura. Kevin sure doesn't know how to answer a phone, but at least his hide and seek team made it to the semis. Whatever your mileage on 2016's Ghostbustersis — it's GOOD — it is impossible to deny that this skewering of the sexist "ditzy receptionist" trope reaches the highest level of art.