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Holiday Gift Guide: For the obsessive collector in your life

Gift Guide Collector

This page features from our brand partners. SYFY may receive a revenue share from purchases made though these links. Price and availability are accurate at the time of publishing.

The Holiday Season is coming closer, and that’s when you know it’s time to buy new gifts for the biggest fans of nerdy fandom in your life. No, not you — you probably have enough cool stuff on your shelves. Aye, it is the season of giving, and today, SYFY WIRE is going to give you some really great ideas on some of the amazing items you can give to your favorite collector of toys and fandom goodies!

Game of Thrones Bust: Daenerys Targaryen - Mother of Dragons

Sold by Dark Horse Comics
If there’s one thing your shelves are missing, it’s the bust of a Queen gazing upon you with the promises of fire, dragons, and… the world’s biggest tantrum Westeros has ever seen? In this hand-painted bust, her contemplative and strong presence comes across in striking detail. This 8-inch-tall limited edition polyresin bust is hand-numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Collect her today before you make her upset — and we don’t want to upset the Mother of Dragons, do we?

Game of Thrones Bust: Tyrion Lannister - Hand of the Queen

Sold by Dark Horse Comics
Celebrate Game of Thrones with your favorite buddy who drinks and knows things with this Tyrion Lannister bust. This limited edition polyresin bust measures in at 7.5-inch-tall, and features the bearded Tyrion wearing the Hand of the Queen pin, and holding his signature goblet of wine. And if you happen to have any Tyrion collectibles from GOT Seasons 1 or 2, you can make them talk to each other and give bearded Tyrion a zinger or two!

BPRD Neon Sign

Sold by Dark Horse Comics
Want a piece of glowing nerd cred that will make you the coolest fandom niche genius on the block? Fans of Hellboy and Mike Mignola’s vast comic universe will immediately recognize the logo for the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense. The illuminating sign glows red with a black base. It can be displayed on a flat surface or hung, stands at 13 inches tall, 9.25 inches wide, and includes cord and plug.

Metal Gear Solid: Solid Snake PVC Painted Statue

Sold by Dark Horse Comics
Dark Horse Comics and First 4 Figures are showing off a true video gaming delight that is sure to please fans of the Metal Gear Solid franchise. It’s Solid Snake, and he’s making his super-deformed (or hyper-stylized) PVC statue debut. This statue stands eight inches tall, features interchangeable eyes, and comes ready for display in a lovely collector’s box.

The Umbrella Academy Volume 1: Apocalypse Suite HC (Deluxe Edition)

Sold by Dark Horse Comics
Before the smash Netflix show existed, we had the original comic book. And now, give the gift of the entire first volume repackaged in a stunning deluxe edition. Via Dark Horse, 'In an inexplicable worldwide event, forty-three extraordinary children were spontaneously born by women who'd previously shown no signs of pregnancy. Millionaire inventor Reginald Hargreeves adopted seven of the children; when asked why, his only explanation was, 'To save the world.' These children form a dysfunctional family with bizarre superpowers. When Hargreeves unexpectedly dies, the siblings reunite just in time to save the world once again.' This deluxe edition hardcover reprints the 2008 limited-edition collection of the complete first series, including the expanded 50-page sketchbook section.

The Umbrella Academy Volume 3: Hotel Oblivion HC (Deluxe Edition)

Sold by Dark Horse Comics
With a new Netflix series, the award-winning graphic novels are back! Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá return to comics' most bizarre superhero team. Via Dark Horse, 'Faced with an increasing number of lunatics with superpowers, Sir Reginald Hargreeves developed the ultimate solution… But their past is coming back to haunt them.' This oversized hardcover collects issues #1-#7 of Hotel Oblivion and includes an expanded sketchbook with commentary from the creators in a slipcase designed by Bá as well as an exclusive print only available with this edition.

Yoshitaka Amano: The Illustrated Biography - Beyond the Fantasy Ltd. Ed.

Sold by Dark Horse Comics
Celebrate 50 years of Amano with this stunning, hardcover bound art collection. This book is a celebration of life and imagery of Japan's master of fantasy and science fiction creator! It contains nearly 400 illustrations and photos from the incredible career of Final Fantasy designer Yoshitaka Amano. The limited-edition book includes a slipcase containing the 328-page hardback Yoshitaka Amano: The Illustrated Biography – Beyond the Fantasy, Amanos 96-page Paris Sketchbook, a region-free Blu-ray with almost 3 hours of discussion, commentary, and live drawing, 2 mini-lithographs, and a signed card!

Catwoman 1/6 Scale Figure - Regular Edition

Sold by Mondo
If you want to make the collector in your life meow with delight and love you forever, check out the Catwoman 1/6-scale figure from the incredible geniuses over at Mondo. And trust us, you’re getting a lot of purr for your money here. This figure, based on Catwoman’s depiction in Batman: The Animated Series is a mind-blowing piece of artistry, but it comes jam packed with accessories! Standing 11.5 inches tall with over 30 points of articulation, this figure includes a regular head, smirking head, sneering head, five pairs of hands, sitting Isis the cat, coiled whip, flexible whip, spy camera, bat cuffs, a large diamond, a bag of loot, a jeweled necklace, and a Selina Kyle head and lounging Isis the cat!

Mer-Man 1/6 Scale Figure

Sold by Mondo
By the Power of Grayskull, I have the... action figures. And right now you can pick up this wonderful rendition of Mer-Man. The paint on this figure is breathtaking and any Masters of the Universe lover will be overjoyed to receive something this stunning. Mer-Man stands 12 inches tall and comes with his regular portrait, vintage portrait, his Mer-Sword, trident, hand blaster, five pairs of interchangeable hands, five pairs of interchangeable feet, and a figure stand.

Iron Giant MONDO MECHA Figure

Sold by Mondo
When Mondo kicked off its Mondo Mecha toy line, robot lovers all over wept with joy when we learned that the Iron Giant was the flagship mech in the collection. What a delight and surprise! And phenomenal choice, if we may add. Highly articulated, this Iron Giant boasts more articulation than any previous Iron Giant figure Mondo has offered! He stands approximately 12.5 inches tall, with 35-plus points of articulation, and a lot of interchangeable hands, heads, and accessories! Make your favorite Mecha fan cry those happy tears when you let them open a box of holiday joy from Mondo.

Game of Thrones: 3-D Crystal Iron Throne with Illumination Base

Sold by Dark Horse Comics
An otherworldly gold light illuminates the delicate, laser-etched swords of the iconic iron throne. The solid glass rectangular box measures 5 x 5 x 8 cm and sits on a discreet black base with a hidden gold LED element. The stunning effect is best viewed in person; this was one of our most anticipated items by retailers and fans who saw the prototype at conventions and trade shows.