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For your friend who must geek, drink, and be merry


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Within the realm of pop culture and fandom there are three very important things you must know how to do. You must be able to drink, to know things, and to buy amazing presents for those awesome people in your life. So, why not mix all three of them together in a lovely pop culture stew and consider some fantastic drinkware for all of the party-loving people in your life? We don't know yet what the 2020 holiday season will be like, but one thing is for certain: Staying connected with your loved ones is essential, and as we find new ways to stay connected — virtually — we'll find new ways to show our love.

We at SYFY WIRE and PayPal are here to empower you to find new ways to make this holiday season one to remember. Because trust us, we can tell from here that your home bars could use a little (or a lot) more fandom in it! Get your martini mixer shaking and your tiki mugs ready for fruity fun because today we are checking out SYFY WIRE’s top recommendations for some amazing nerdy, geeky, and fun glassware gift ideas for every pop culture fan in your life.

Game of Thrones Shot Glass Set: Stark, Baratheon, Targaryen, and Lannister

Sold by Dark Horse Comics
Ah, Game of Thrones — do you remember when it was the best show that ever graced television? Layered, dark, mysterious, and rich with depth and important characters and the purveyor of shows that had characters who did, in fact, drink and know things? Yeah, so do we! This four-pack of shot glasses come with the emblems of House Stark, Baratheon, Targaryen, and Lannister.

Game of Thrones Ceramic Stein: Stark Sigil

Sold by Dark Horse Comics
Ah, a Game of Thrones offering fit for a nobleman, noblewoman, or anyone who wants to throw back their ale with fandom pride. Featuring the direwolf sigil of House Stark (complete with the 'Winter is Coming' motto), this ceramic mug will hold as much liquid as you require to fight a White Walker. Undead beings and terror not included, but may come with a side order of honor.

Game of Thrones Coffee Mug: Stark Sculpted Wolf

Sold by Dark Horse Comics
Winter is Coming, and with it, the need for a hot drink. Fill your Stark mug with the beverage of your choice and by the end of your libation, a familiar creature will reveal itself. A few more sips and you will see a sculpted version of the Stark house sigil: a stately gray direwolf, teeth bared, ready to defend your honor (or at least your spiced apple cider)! This 12-ounce mug complete with direwolf inside is ready to make its home with you while you enjoy a beverage under the Godswood tree!

Game of Thrones Pint Glass Set: Stark and Baratheon

Sold by Dark Horse Comics
Picture it — you’re siting around a large, wooden, circular table surrounded by friends and a sprawling tabletop game. The drinks are flowing, the game is rowdy, and you pour your next icy brew into a frosty cold Game of Thrones pint glass. Well, lucky for you, this set comes with two — a drink for you and your rival’s brew! The ale flows like wine as sweet as Joffrey’s during the Purple Wedding and you can feel like a king when you choose Stark or Baratheon to house your lovely libation. Each pint glass holds 16 ounces and comes in slick-looking window boxes.

Cyberpunk 2077: Night City Mug

Sold by Dark Horse Comics
Fans and gamers are awaiting the release of Cyberpunk 2077, but that doesn’t mean we can’t show our excitement for it now! More awesome-looking products inspired by the characters and setting of the beautiful, gritty, and often-deadly world of Cyberpunk 2077 are coming at you right now! This 11-ounce mug features the Night City emblem and the words 'The worst place to live in America' on the inside of the mug, a title the inhabitants of Cyberpunk voted on in the year 2077.

Cyberpunk 2077: Silverhand Mug

Sold by Dark Horse Comics
Sing it with me now (because that’s what you do after too many drinks, right?) 'I want to beeeee Anarchy!' There, now that we got that out of our system, we can discuss this punk rock metal robot hand throwing the horns. Take that morning coffee, we’re spiking it with something that’s got a little more lightning on it! This 11-ounce mug features the Johnny Silverhand emblem and the text 'Wake the f*** up, Samurai. We have a city to burn' on the inside of the mug.

Cyberpunk 2077: Silverhand Pint Glass Set

Sold by Dark Horse Comics
What a time to be a video game lover who drinks and collects awesome glassware. These pint glasses are phenomenally priced and help you show off your Cyberpunk 2077 enthusiasm. Plus, there are enough glasses in the set for you and your buds to drink together! Or enough glasses in the set for you to put the extras in the freezer and always have a frosty pint glass ready to go. They feature logos of your favorite songs from the band Samurai and infamous rockerboy/lead vocalist Johnny Silverhand: 'Never Fade Away' and 'Chippin' In.' Each pint glass set features two glasses packaged in collector-friendly window boxes.

Hellboy Deluxe Flask Set

Sold by Dark Horse Comics
Fighting demons can be super stressful, so if you’re going to slay and battle, at least do it with the legitimately sexiest pop culture-inspired flask set we have ever seen. Take the edge off with this Hellboy Deluxe Flask set! This 8-ounce stainless steel flask comes complete with a beautiful faux leather exterior, two stainless steel shot glasses, and funnel. The B.P.R.D. is busy, but you'll be ready for any mission with your flask at your side.

Hellboy Coaster Set

Sold by Dark Horse Comics
The only thing more monstrous than Hellboy would be having that water-logged damp ring around the soggy bottom of your beverage cup damage someone’s table. Have some class with your glass and give some love to what are probably the most intricate comic book-inspired coasters the world has ever seen. This set of four coasters is cork-backed to protect your table and features unique, full-colored illustrations from Mike Mignola's classic art style.

Gremlins - Mogwai Tiki Mug Stackers (Midnight Blue Variant)

Sold by Mondo
It’s time to up the ante and take it into big-kid tiki-collecting land. Because if you’re not familiar with Mondo and its turbo pop culture boozy drink containment vessel offerings, you’re about to learn some awesomeness right now. We just adore the midnight blue color of this three-set of Gremlins Tiki Mug stackers. They are handmade, which means no two sets are ever quite the same, and filled with 'drink, drink more, but don’t eat after midnight' splendor. And remember, rules are made to be broken. Each mini-mug holds approximately 8 ounces of drink and represents a different Mogwai with a rule-rune on the back: Gizmo with water, Stripe with bright light, and Hungry Mogwai with feeding after 12AM.

MODOK Tiki Mug - Bone Variant

Sold by Mondo
The Mechanized Organism Designed Only for Killing, or MODOK, has had his programming redesigned. Now, he's a Mechanized Organism Designed Only for… Drinking? Either way, he looks party ready in this amazing mug. Destroy your thirst with this enormous 36-ounce mug (which sounds coffee sized, at last) and take solace knowing that your Mechanized Organism Designed for Killing was handmade, so no two murder mugs are the same! This Bone edition of the MODOK Tiki Mug features a brown-wiped glaze on natural ceramic.

Thanos Tiki Mug

Sold by Mondo
The main man is ready for a bar fight with this incredible Thanos tiki mug from Mondo, for at last, the Mad Titan is now a Mad Tiki! This jewel-collecting ghoul holds 32 ounces of almost any liquid in the universe. Adding the Thanos tiki mug to your collection is a SNAP! The purple-brown natural glaze is such a beautiful color choice that it might make you dematerialize with awe. Each Mondo Tiki mug is handmade, so no two are ever quite the same!

Spider-Man – Venom Tiki Mug

Sold by Mondo
Spider-Man’s greatest foe might very quickly become your favorite tiki mug! Look at the jaw on this baby! How can you say no to adding him to your collection? This regular edition of the Venom Tiki Mug features a matte black glaze, with exposed eyes, teeth, and back symbol, and red glaze tongue to boot! And with the ability to hold a whopping 40 ounces, Venom will be keeping you full of symbiotic fluid or like… tea. Whichever tastes better.

The Wolfman Tiki Mug

Sold by Mondo
Horror comes to life and quenches your thirst with this classic depiction of Universal Monster The Wolfman, originally played by Lon Chaney Jr. Coming in the color 'Dark Dog Brown,' The Wolfman features his horrible visage on one side, a scream scene from the film on the other, and holds 16 ounces of the lethal liquid of your choice! The team at Mondo asks 'Howl you going to resist adding this to your collection?!' But the bigger question we have is… what sort of brew do you think a Wolf Man would drink? Definitely something with some hair on it! AAAOOOOOWWWWW!

Iron Giant Ceramic Tiki (Bone)

Sold by Mondo
Let us tell you: The Iron Giant makes every experience better. Via Mondo, the Iron Giant tiki mug is hand-glazed, holds 16 fluid ounces, and is perfect for holding your drink while stealing your heart. The Mondo Exclusive Bone variant features a wiped black glaze over a natural ceramic finish. And after a few drinks, he might even eventually say your name!** In spite of this mug’s large size, you cannot in fact sit on his shoulder a la Hogarth and go for a ride. But he might play ball with you. (**The Iron Giant Tiki Mug is very unlikely to say your name. But he will quench your thirst.)

Ghostbusters – Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Tiki Mug

Sold by Mondo
Holding approximately 36 ounces of your favorite ectoplasmic beverage, this tiki-ized manifestation of something that could never, ever possibly destroy us is ready for you to trap in your collection. And on a technical level, the paint job here is fantastic. Whether you use this mug for beverages or keep him around as a tiki homage to one of the best movie creatures ever, this Stay Puft (with his phenomenal white and blue glazed paint job) makes the perfect gift for all Ghostbusters lovers who are ready to cross streams and ain’t afraid of no ghosts.