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Girl dressed as Carrie involved in car crash, gives first responders a real scare

By Adam Pockross
Sissy Spacek on the set of Carrie

Remember in Stephen King’s Carrie, when Carrie White’s God-fearing mother warns, “They’re all gonna laugh at you!”? Well, there was no laughing last weekend from the first responders at a car accident involving a girl dressed up as the bloody high school heroine.

Okay, there was some laughing, but that was after the shock went away and they realized the blood was part of Sidney Wolfe’s costume, and the worst injury received by the Halloween-loving student at Marshall University in West Virginia — who was channeling Sissy Spacek while promoting a production of Carrie the Musical — was a bruise on her leg.

Granted, the deer she hit wasn’t so lucky. But hey, at least it sacrificed itself for a good story, as Wolfe’s tale has gone viral after tweeting about it.

Via Twitter, Wolfe tells SYFY WIRE what happened.

“I was driving home from Fallsburg, Kentucky at a haunted house. I was promoting Carrie the Musical that is taking place tonight and tomorrow at Paramount Art Center. The haunted house is in the middle of nowhere so I figured I could just get home quickly and shower. The deer had other intentions. While driving home on the interstate, a deer jumped mid-air into my car. The car was totaled.”

“The EMT told me I’m very lucky to be alive,” added Wolfe.

Such a site would certainly be traumatic to anyone driving by. But you can imagine the trauma caused by seeing Carrie in her prom dress in such aftermath.

Sidney Wolfe as Carrie

“The first person who responded was spooked out. You could only imagine,” says Wolfe, and yes, we are imagining. “The Good Samaritan that pulled over saw my face. I knew he was scared. All my airbags were deployed so I was sorta in shock and stuck. I tried to motion that I was safe and okay but he still was scared.”

Ultimately, more responders got to witness the scene for the first time as well.

“The police officer was taken back when he saw me and I could tell was confused by how well I was responding, considering he thought I was bleeding everywhere,” says Wolfe. “They kept asking if I was sure I didn’t need medical assistance.”

Wolfe says the EMT and police officers “had fun with it” once they realized she was “okay and walking,” and that the show will go on. Though not as you might expect. She’s actually not playing Carrie.

“Plot twist: I’m Sue Snell. Our Carrie, Katie Jackson, was ill that night. And I offered to fill in for her because I wanted to be in the Carrie costume so badly," says Wolfe.

Well, she got her wish, but it did cost her; even though the price could have been far higher, she’s still without a car. Feel free to donate to the fund, though Wolfe says, “I just want this story to make people laugh. I love Halloween so much and it makes me happy how popular it’s gotten.”

Sure, Halloween’s not over yet, but we think Wolfe winning the holiday crown is a safe bet, don’t you?

(via Huffington Post)