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Godspeed! Joshua Williamson on seeing his Flash characters on TV

By Mike Avila

Viewers of The Flash on The CW may have noticed that Season 6 has borrowed very heavily from the current run by writer Joshua Williamson. Since 2016, Williamson has guided Barry Allen's comic book adventures for DC ... but even his dream day job couldn't prepare him for the thrill of seeing his characters come to life in live action.

"There's a lot this season," noted Williamson. "Godspeed has been on the show [and] Bloodwork was the villain for the first eight episodes. There's a Black Hole subplot; that was from the first arc [written by Williamson]. It's really surreal, because sometimes I fall behind on the show a little bit. Having a baby, I'm lucky if I ever watch television. So sometimes I'll find out about things online ... The first time I saw the Godspeed costume, I thought it was cosplay. I didn't realize it was for the show."

Several of the previous writers of The Flash have added to the title's mythology and library of characters, with Mark Waid, Geoff Johns, and Grant Morrison making significant contributions in that area. Williamson's run has also been overflowing with new ideas and new faces, and he sees it as his responsibility to continue enriching the franchise.

"Grant Morrison has said that when you come on a book, you're supposed to give your characters a birth and a death," related Williamson. "There has to be that idea, that's how you have these longer runs. You almost have to have a replacement for that character for a minute."

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