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Storm your way into Titan's new Godzilla: King of the Monsters concept art book

By Jeff Spry
Godzilla Art Book 5

Godzilla: King of the Monsters has finally stomped its way into theaters, making a sizeable $179 million dent in the global box office.

To honor the film's achievements in special effects and to illuminate readers on the monumental task of delivering this colossal creature feature from Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures, London-based Titan Books is releasing The Art of Godzilla: King of the Monsters on June 4 — and SYFY WIRE has a sensational sneak peek inside the covers.

Godzilla Art Book Cover

Written by veteran pop culture author Abbie Bernstein, this 176-page hardcover celebrating the studios' expanding MonsterVerse is a deep-dive, behind-the-scenes examination of the behemoth-battling movie starring Godzilla, Rodan, Mothra, and that beloved three-headed space dragon, King Ghidorah.

It's an overwhelming offering stuffed with striking concept art, on-set photography, interviews, character sketches, landscape illustrations, monster designs, and detailed insights from key members of the production crew chronicling the entire creative process.

Godzilla Art Book 1

While Bernstein loves interviewing people involved in films under pretty much any circumstance, she was especially thrilled to get to talk to the makers of Godzilla: King of the Monsters.

"First of all, I love Godzilla in general — I have a Giant Foot of Godzilla that was made for a short film I did," she tells SYFY WIRE. "Second, I’m a big fan of Michael Dougherty’s work on Trick 'r Treat and Krampus. Third, I love the concept for the new film and how it uses Godzilla and the other monsters to ask serious questions about ethics and the fate of our planet."

Godzilla Art Book 4

She was also thrilled by the opportunity to learn new and unusual things, like the strange use of potatoes in visual effects.

"Now that I know what to look for, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed scrutinizing the posters for the movie and seeing where potato skin is used to texture Godzilla’s hide in places," Bernstein adds. "Finally, it’s obviously fun to be associated in any way, shape, or form with something that has a passionate fan following. I hope the book gives people insights that they find intriguing on how this movie was made, and of course, the movie itself has the most gorgeous giant monsters ever."

Godzilla Art Book 5

Now stomp into our five-page preview of this new concept art book in the full gallery below. The Art of Godzilla: King of the Monsters hits stores on June 4.

All images © 2019 Legendary. All Rights Reserved. TM & © TOHO CO., LTD. MONSTERVERSE TM & © Legendary. Taken from The Art of Godzilla: King of the Monsters, published by Titan Books.