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GoFundMe launches to send girls to see Captain Marvel

By Heather Mason
Captain Marvel Lashana Lynch

Previously, successful campaigns have raised funds to send kids to see Wonder Woman and Black Panther, and now a new campaign has kicked off to raise money to send young girls to watch Captain Marvel.

Last year, the #BlackPantherChallenge crowdfunding campaign started by Frederick Joseph, founder of We Have Stories, an organization that "provides support to storytellers and content creators from diverse communities," to send kids in Harlem to see Black Panther raised over $50,000. Captain Marvel star Brie Larson then tweeted suggesting a #CaptainMarvelChallenge to do the same for young girls, and now it's happening.

GoFundMe has teamed up with Girls Inc. of Greater Los Angeles to do just that. The campaign launched Tuesday with a goal of $10,000 to send young girls from the organization to see the film in theaters this March.

"Everyone should have an opportunity to see women in roles they can aspire to one day be, roles that show women as strong, smart and bold," states the GoFundMe page. "From a teacher to a fighter pilot—or a superhero. This is an opportunity to continue to empower girls to be just that."

Captain Marvel is the studio's first female-led superhero film and, like Wonder Woman, will increase representation for women in a genre that has been primarily led by men. Not only does the film star a woman, but Captain Marvel is also co-directed and scored by a woman, and will hit theaters on International Woman's Day.

All funds over the original goal collected through the campaign will benefit Girls Inc. of Greater Los Angeles. As of this writing, the campaign had raised over $5,000.

(via THR)

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