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SYFY WIRE Good Omens

A good omen for Amazon's 'Good Omens': Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett series blessed with Season 2 renewal

By Josh Weiss
Good Omens Michael Sheen David Tennant

The end of the world was only just the beginning... Amazon announced today that it has officially placed a second season order for hit fantasy dramedy Good Omens.

The six-part sophomore outing will move beyond the 1990 source novel penned by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett and pick up in modern day London, where angel Aziraphale (Michael Sheen) and demon Crowley (David Tennant) are living among mortals in Soho. Their comfortable existence is suddenly disrupted by the arrival of an unexpected messenger who presents the duo with a surprising mystery.

“It's thirty-one years since Good Omens was published, which means it's thirty-two years since Terry Pratchett and I lay in our respective beds in a Seattle hotel room at a World Fantasy Convention, and plotted the sequel," Gaiman said in a statement. "I got to use bits of the sequel in Good Omens — that's where our angels came from. Terry's not here any longer, but when he was, we had talked about what we wanted to do with Good Omens, and where the story went next. And now, thanks to BBC Studios and Amazon, I get to take it there. I have enlisted some wonderful collaborators, and John Finnemore has come on board to carry the torch with me. There are so many questions people have asked about what happened next (and also, what happened before) to our favourite Angel and Demon. Here are the answers you've been hoping for. We are back in Soho, and all through time and space, solving a mystery, which starts with an angel wandering through Soho, with no memory."

Gaiman, who has an overall deal with Amazon Studios, is returning to the dual roles of co-showrunner and executive producer alongside Douglas Mackinnon, who is also locked in as returning director. Rob Wilkins, John Finnemore, and Josh Cole are executive producers as well, with Finnemore and Gaiman sharing co-writing duties. Production is expected to kick off in Scotland later this year.

Good Omens 2 Poster

“Taking Good Omens to my home country of Scotland to film a second season is an exciting dream come true for me," Mackinnon said. "And with Michael Sheen and David Tennant returning as Aziraphale and Crowley, we really have an angel and a demon on our side."

“Terry and Neil always knew that Crowley and Aziraphale wouldn’t remain content to appear in only one story, and long harboured plans to expand upon their adventures," added Wilkins. "David and Michael’s stellar performances made this an absolute necessity. Terry would have been delighted with how they brought their characters to life, and just as delighted as I am that a second season is now underway."

And what do our heavenly and hellish protagonists think of the news? 

“Personally I’m against it, but the world isn’t going to just save itself, is it?" Sheen said. "If David and I can manage to not fall out too badly this time it may even have a chance of getting finished."

“The return of Good Omens is great news for me, personally," Tennant continued. "As I get to work with Michael again, and I get to say Neil’s wonderful words once more. It’s probably less good for the universe as it almost certainly means there will be some fresh existential threat to its existence to deal with, but, you know — swings and roundabouts..."

The first season of Good Omens currently holds a fresh 84 percent on Rotten Tomatoes