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SYFY WIRE Good Omens

Good Omens creators challenge fans to find all the Doctor Who Easter eggs

By Christian Long
Good Omens, Michael Sheen and David Tennant

Like the novel it's based on, Amazon's upcoming adaptation of Good Omens is a densely layered work that promises to require multiple viewings. For Doctor Who fans, that'll prove doubly true.

The issue came up during the Good Omens panel at SXSW, which included stars Michael Sheen, David Tennant, and Jon Hamm along with showrunner Neil Gaiman and series director Douglas Mackinnon. Near the end of the 90-minute conversation, moderated by Aisha Tyler, an interesting challenge was presented to potential viewers: Find all the Doctor Who easter eggs hidden throughout the show's six episodes.

"Not only do we have a Doctor Who, but there's about seven or eight easter eggs," Mackinnon told the crowd, which included SYFY WIRE.

Mackinnon was referring to Tennant, a former Doctor himself, who stars as the demon Crowley in Good Omens. Mackinnon himself has also directed a number Doctor Who episodes, implying that these references will be well hidden.

Gaiman, however, went a bit further and gave the first one away to help get everyone started.

"Jack Whitehall plays Newton Pulsifer, and the first time you see him going off to do a job he's about to be fired from, his tie is actually the fourth Doctor's scarf — really small, as a tie," Gaiman said, which drew gasps from the attendees.

"You know he must be an enormous Doctor Who fan, because he only owns one tie," Gaiman added with a chuckle.

The series is based on the novel co-written by Gaiman and the late Terry Pratchett, to whom the series will be dedicated. First released in 1990, it chronicles the coming apocalypse and how an angel and a demon (Sheen and Tennant, respectively) have to set aside their differences and come together to save existence as we know it.

Despite the rather grim-sounding premise, the limited series promises to bring some much-needed optimism to our current pop culture landscape. You can start tracking down these Doctor Who easter eggs for yourself when Good Omens premieres May 31 on Amazon.