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SYFY WIRE Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts terrifies two kids in first creepy trailer for Amazon's 'Goodnight Mommy' remake

Naomi Watts dons a mask to freak out two kids.

By Matthew Jackson

What if you came home and your mother was just... different, in ways you couldn't quite pinpoint at first? That's the central, creeping idea behind Goodnight Mommy, a celebrated Austrian film from 2014 that remains a relentlessly chilling experience nearly a decade later. Now, the English-language remake has arrived, and it's bringing Oscar nominee Naomi Watts along to do the scaring.

The setup is fairly simple: Two young boys (Cameron and Nicholas Crovetti) return home to their secluded farmhouse to reunite with their mother (Watts), who unexpectedly emerges wearing a white medical mask. Seeing a woman they know and love covered up like that is unnerving enough, but then their mother starts acting strange, imposing new house rules and behaving in ways she never did before they left home. As their home life changes, and the woman who claims to be their mother gets more and more psychologically intimidating, the boys start to suspect they aren't living with their mother at all, and set out to find answers to the question that's already begun to make their lives a kind of living hell. 

The first trailer for the film, which hits Amazon Prime Video next month, is below:

If you're a fan of the original film, you can see certain major beats borrowed pretty heavily for the remake, but it also seems to be veering off into its own world in some ways, and it'll be interesting to see where the new film diverges and makes the story its own. The English-language adaptation is written by Kyle Warren (Lethal Weapon) and directed by Matt Sobel, who helmed episodes of last year's excellent horror series Brand New Cherry Flavor, so there's definite talent behind the camera. Plus, this film has Watts in its corner, diving back into horror territory with a film that lets her go fully villainous. Watching her work is reason enough to check this one out.

Goodnight Mommy hits Amazon Prime Video on September 16. 

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