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Wacka wacka wacka: Gorillaz honor Pac-Man in latest arcade-fueled music video

By Josh Weiss
Gorillaz Pac-Man

The animated/virtual band known as the Gorillaz went super old school for the fifth installment of the their Song Machine music video series.

The group's new song is titled "Pac-Man" (ft. ScHoolboy Q) and pays tribute to Namco's famous dot-munching, ghost-chasing video game character. Stuart Harold "2-D" Pot (band co-founder Damon Albarn of Blur) kicks things off by slipping a quarter into an old fashioned arcade cabinet and spitting lyrics like: "I'm a mad Pac-Man, livin' in a leveled world." He follows that up with "Everywhere I go I don't know where I am," perhaps a reference to Pac-Man's maze-filled existence.

Check out the music video (filled with some truly vibrant visuals and a nod to The Peanuts) below:

"Welcome to my world @gorillaz @ScHoolboyQ This track is fire!" wrote the official Pac-Man Twitter account.

According to Rolling Stone, the song was recorded in London before the current pandemic. Band co-founder/artist Jamie Hewlett directed the video along with Tim McCourt and Max Taylor. Hewlett and Albarn will release an official Gorillaz "almanac" from Z2 Comics this October.

"An almanac is an annual book that is a treasure house of useful information like weather forecasts, trivia and puzzles and games," Z2 publisher Sridhar Reddy told Rolling Stone back in May. "They used to sell almanacs at school book fairs, but I’m pretty sure the internet killed the concept of collecting information into a single published volume. It’s what I love about doing a Gorillaz almanac, in that it brings together so much of the ephemera of the band into a physical book that you can kick back with, take a fun deep dive and listen to great music while you’re doing it. It’s consistent with the band’s ethos of immersion."

A TV series based on the band was announced in 2017.