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The Dark Knight rises in the final trailer for Gotham

By Jacob Oller
Gotham Batman

Fox’s long-running prequel series focusing on the world of Batman before, well, Batman, has been taking a victory lap as its final season winds down. Now, with a new trailer for its finale, Gotham takes fans into "No Man's Land" — and gives fans a good look at the hero whose world they’ve been building for five seasons.

Fans recently saw the April Fool's Day reveal of Cameron Monaghan’s Joker (because, as everyone knows, Batman is nothing without his villains) and the set-up for the epic battle for the city, but now they’ll be able to travel a decade into the future to see its outcome. Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) has left the city, vowing to one day return when he’s needed. It looks like that day has arrived.

Take a look:

Preview: Be There For The End Of Gotham | Season 5 Ep. 12 | GOTHAM

The ears, the cowl: the look of the future Dark Knight is here. Batman will be played, in voice and face at least, by Mazouz. However, this performance will be mounted on a body big enough to play an adult superhero, paying off a quest almost 100 episodes in the making.

Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor) and the Riddler (Cory Michael Smith) both return with new (and familiar) costumes while Catwoman shows off her claws during a heist. The Batman we know is finally here and Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) is about to meet him.

Gotham as we know it comes to an end when "The Beginning" airs on April 25.