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SYFY WIRE Halle Berry

Halle Berry wants another shot to 'go back and reimagine' Catwoman for modern audiences

The Oscar-winning actress played a version of the DC character in a critically panned box office bomb released in 2004.

By Josh Weiss
Halle Berry Catwoman Getty

Halle Berry's directorial debut, Bruised, is about a washed-up MMA fighter looking for redemption in the ring. As such, it only stands to reason that the Oscar-winning actress would also seek redemption in the real world... for 2004's Catwoman. Discussing her first time behind the camera with the Jake's Takes YouTube channel, Berry said she'd like another shot at the DC character — this time as a director. 

"I would love to direct Catwoman," she said with a laugh. "If I can get ahold of that now — knowing what I know, having had this experience — and reimagine that world the way I reimagined this story. Bruised was written for a white Irish-Catholic 25-year-old girl and I got to reimagine it. I wish I could go back and reimagine Catwoman and have a redo on that."

When asked for details on what that reimagining might entail, she said: "I would have Catwoman saving the world like most male superheroes do and not just saving women from their faces cracking off. I would make the stakes a lot higher and make it more inclusive of both men and women."

Directed by VFX vet Pitof, Catwoman represented a major deviation from the comic book character of the same name. It was a critical and financial bomb that earned Berry a Razzie win for Worst Actress. The actress was a good sport about the whole thing and actually showed up to accept the award in person while clutching her Oscar for Monster's Ball.

"I never, in my life, thought I would be up here," she said, delivering an emotional speech in feigned shock. "I've got so many people to thank because you don't win a Razzie without a lot of help from a lot of people ... First of all, I want to thank Warner Bros. Thank you for putting me in a piece of sh** god-awful movie. You know, it was just what my career needed. I was at the top and then Catwoman just plummeted me to the bottom."

Sadly, Berry will most likely have to wait for her Catwoman number to come back around since a new take on Selina Kyle (played by Zoë Kravitz) is already set to appear in Matt Reeves' The Batman. The Caped Crusader reboot, which takes place in the early days of Bruce Wayne's crime-fighting career hits the big screen on March 4, 2022.

Bruised premieres on Netflix next Wednesday — Nov. 24. Berry will return to the world of genre in early 2022 as Jo Fowler, a NASA scientist attempting to save the planet in Roland Emmerich's sci-fi disaster flick, Moonfall.