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SYFY WIRE Happy Death Day

Christopher Landon says third 'Happy Death Day' would have been 'an epic apocalyptic adventure'

The odds of Landon closing out the trilogy are still up in the air.

By Josh Weiss

Will Theresa "Tree" Gelbman ever return for more time loop mayhem in a third Happy Death Day? The odds of writer-director Christopher Landon getting the opportunity close out his genre-bending slasher trilogy are still up in the air. Speaking with SYFY WIRE over Zoom to discuss his new collaboration with Netflix — We Have a Ghost (now streaming) — Landon stated that the final decision is up to Universal Pictures, though he has yet to hear from them. "I want it, Jessica Rothe wants it, I believe that Blumhouse even wants it," he told us.

The filmmaker went into greater detail while in conversation with /FILM, admitting there was some brief talk about continuing the story on Peacock. "Maybe one day," he mused. "The beauty of it is that my idea, the whole idea for the third movie, it is not dependent on any sort of specific window or timeframe. So I could make it any time."

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As for what the trilogy topper would be about, Landon teased his ambitious vision to TheWrap: "The third movie was going to be an epic apocalyptic adventure with still elements of horror. That was not getting left behind. But yeah, we were going to change gears again and it was going to be bigger."

Created by writer Scott Lobdell, Happy Death Day places a slasher twist on the classic time loop genre. Jessica Rothe led both movies as "Tree" Gelbman, a college student and sorority sister forced to relive her murder over and over again until she can figure out the identity of the masked killer. Landon directed the horror duology and took over as sole writer on the sequel.

Now streaming on Netflix, We Have a Ghost centers around a family that becomes internet famous when they discover a ghost living in the attic of their new house. David Harbour, Anthony Mackie, Tig Notaro, Jahi Di'Allo Winston, Erica Ash, Jennifer Coolidge, Faith Ford, Niles Fitch, Isabella Russo, and Steve Coulter co-star. Landon both wrote and directed the feature, basing the screenplay on "Ernest," a 2017 short story written by Geoff Manaugh and published by Vice.

Happy Death Day and Happy Death Day 2U are now available to purchase from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment.

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