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SYFY WIRE Harry Potter

You can now cast spells in your own home with a motion-activated wand inspired by 'Harry Potter'

No Hogwarts acceptance letter? No problem!

By Josh Weiss
Harry Potter Magic Caster Wand: Everything You Need to Know

No Hogwarts acceptance letter? No problem! Harry Potter fans can bring the spells and charms of the Wizarding World into their homes with a motion-activated, Bluetooth and WiFi-compatible, Magic Caster Wand from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment. Once linked with the companion app, the wand is able to cast famous incantations from the beloved Potter universe like Expelliarmus, Lumos, Expecto Patronum, and Wingardium Leviosa (there are more than 50 spells in all).

Instead of being used to repel Dementors or make feathers float, however, the Caster Wand is capable of turning on synced lights, speakers, and smart TVs. You can also duel your friends through the app. Just make sure to practice those waving configurations and always bow to your opponent beforehand. It's the perfect marriage of the magical and Muggle worlds. Take that, Pure-bloods!

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There are currently three wand designs to choose from, but that's not really true, is it? As Mr. Ollivader famously said: "The wand chooses the wizard." Which of the following options calls out to you, we wonder...?

  • LOYALEthereal and hypnotic, the design of this wand is truly captivating. Striated with a round orb at the end of its handle, it exudes a protective feeling. Appealing to owners who are wise beyond their years, it is a perfect match for those who value grace and artistry.
Loyal Stacked Wand
  • DEFIANTImposing in appearance, the design of this wand is slightly bent and features visible cracks – attributes, rather than imperfections, which embody a sense of internal strength. It is a perfect match for those who hold fast to their beliefs, regardless of how they are perceived.
Defiant Closed Box Wand
  • HONOURABLE: Rugged and aged in appearance, this wand was designed for those with powerful intuition and an affinity for the magic of the natural world. Its warmth will draw those with strength, courage, and conviction. For the best or worst of times, this wand feels as exemplary as the one who wields it.
Honourable Closed Box Wand

With phoenix tail feathers, unicorn hairs, and dragon heartstrings rather difficult to obtain in this economy, the Magic Caster Wand utilizes multi-color LEDs, a rechargeable battery, and haptic technology.

Each wand retails for $149.99 a pop. Click here for more info on how to get your hands on one.

Fans can relive the magic of the Wizarding World with all eight Harry Potter films on Peacock.