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Hasbro Black Series reveals official images for new Heavy Infantry Mandalorian figure

By Jeff Spry
Paz Vizsla


Barging into the latest chapter of Disney+'s The Mandalorian to harass our Mando hero, then later offer firepower backup, is one of the coolest new characters ever to wield a pulse cannon in the Star Wars Universe, the Heavy Infantry Mandalorian — and Hasbro just released official images of this badass brute as part of its deluxe Black Series line.

Missing media item.

For our money, all those upcoming Baby Yoda toys can wait ... This is the way!

Announced Saturday via the Hasbro Pulse Instagram page, their new 6-inch Black Series Heavy Infantry Mandalorian is a Best Buy exclusive selling for $29.99. This imposing armored bounty hunter toy has four articulated limbs for fearsome fighting poses and comes with jetpack and signature laser weapon. It's up pre-order now and includes free shipping. 

Mando 2

This intimidating character, credited as Paz Vizsla, appears in the newest episode of The Mandalorian, "The Sin," where he gets into a rough scuffle with Pedro Pascal's nameless Mando over his beskar alloy reward for the Baby Yoda bounty. Then, in a rousing third-act scene featuring a dozen Mandalorians in flaring jetpacks dropping in to offer cover fire support for Mando's kidnapping escape, he unleashes fresh hell using an imposing rapid-fire pulse laser gun.

Mandalorian creator and writer Jon Favreau actually provides the voice for Vizsla! The hulking warrior's physical performance comes courtesy of real-life MMA fighter and John Wick villain Tait Fletcher. Favreau voiced another Mandalorian character in The Clone Wars series named Pre Vizsla, who just might be related to this terrifying new tribesman.

Mando 3

With all the deserved hype over Disney+'s live-action The Mandalorian show, these desirable collector figures will likely vanish like a snowman on Mustafar.

What do you think of Paz Vizsla and Hasbro's latest offering for its Star Wars: The Black Series line, and does it stir your Mandalorian blood enough to snag one for yourself this holiday season?