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Behold Poe's new X-Wing (and more) before Star Wars' Triple Force Friday

By Brian Silliman
Poe Dameron X-Wing Toy

There is about to be a major tremor in the force, and that tremor is called Triple Force Friday. The yearly Star Wars event is the day when all of the new merchandise from the saga hits the shelves. This year, there will be figures, toys, and more — not only from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, but The Mandalorian as well. 

In addition to the live-streaming event which showcased some new character figures, Hasbro also held a special preview event where press folks were able to get up close (and perhaps play around) with the new items. SYFY WIRE was there for this dazzling display of merchandising, and there were a couple of interesting reveals for both upcoming Star Wars projects. 

We were all sad when hotshot pilot Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac) had his jet-black X-Wing blown to bits in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but worry not! We now know for certain that Poe has a new ride, and that it's going to match his pilot outfit very well. 

Poe Dameron's X-Wing toy (unboxed)

That's right, Poe's new X-Wing rocks tones of white, but fiery orange colors stick out the most. Perhaps they signify the phoenix flames of a newborn resistance, and we can possibly expect more than just this ship to display these colors of rebellion. 

Poe Dameron's X-Wing toy (box)

Moving over to the dark side, we got a close look at one of the Knights of Ren. We've heard about these guys since Star Wars: The Force Awakens (and saw glimpses of them in Rey's force vision), but The Rise of Skywalker is finally going to put Kylo's patrol of do-badders in action. 

Knight of Ren figure

This guy seems to have taken the helmet-and-hood fashion approach from Kylo, and he's also wielding a slightly Mandalorian looking vibroaxe. That's not just because we have Mandos on the brain — it definitely looks similar to the axe that was part of the suit of Mandolorian armor that Dryden Vos kept in his little den in Solo: A Star Wars Story

We wouldn't want to run into this guy in a darkened space alley, but that said, the sight of him (and the new movie's title) on a vintage action figure card makes us giddy: 

Knight of Ren figure (in package)

Speaking of Mandos, it's time for some hot toy action for The Mandalorian, which is coming soon to Disney+. If you saw the trailer for the new show, then you saw the return of the classic AT-ST Walker. What we saw wasn't necessarily manned by Imperial holdouts, though, still clinging to their dead Empire. A new toy based on the walker confirms that some of them have been taken, and are being used by pirates. 

AT-ST toy from The Mandalorian

It looks like they've definitely commandeered this thing, and they also gave it a little paint job. The more interesting tidbit here can be found on the box art, however:

AT-ST toy (boxed) from The Mandalorian

The essential detail is the description of the figure included in the set — a "Klatoonian Raider." That's very interesting, and was brought up during the live-stream reveal. Klatooine is a planet that belonged to the old canon, but now it seems like it has found its way back. It is located within Hutt space, so this means that the big ol' slimeballs will likely see their way onto the show. 

Here's a closer look at the Klatoonian Raider. His species was first seen on screen during the Jabba sequences in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. 

Klatoonian Raider figure (The Mandalorian)

This guy looks formidable enough on his own, but if he's backed by the Hutts? Watch out folks. 

All of these sets (and so much more) will be available beginning on Triple Force Friday, Oct. 4. Break out the republic credits, and get ready to barter away the Queen's personal starship if you need to.