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A Quiet Place writers turn up the screams with trailer for their new horror film, Haunt

By Josh Weiss
The Haunt

It's hard to follow an act like A Quiet Place, but that movie's screenwriters — Scott Beck and Bryan Woods — will be giving it a good shot with Haunt, a horror flick they both penned and directed. With the trailer now available to watch online, it looks like the duo may have another genre hit on their hands, but let's not jinx anything, despite the fact that it is opening widely on Friday the 13th (this September, that is).

Taking place on Halloween, Haunt follows a group of costumed friends who stumble upon "an extreme haunted house that promises to feed on their darkest fears," according to the official description. As the night goes on, however, the attraction takes a turn for the deadly as the friends are stalked, tortured, and killed by actual monsters. (One may find that the premise bears somewhat of a resemblance to last year's Hell Fest, in which a slasher prowls for teen victims at a horror-themed amusement park.)

Watch the first trailer now:

Katie Stevens (The Bold Type), Will Brittain (Kong: Skull Island), and Lauryn Alisa McClain (A.N.T. Farm) make up the film's principal cast. Haunt aptly opens for business in theaters and on VOD and Digital on Friday, Sept. 13. Before then, it will enjoy its world premiere at the 2019 Popcorn Film Festival in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on Aug. 8.

Beck and Woods don't appear to be involved with the writing of A Quiet Place 2 (arriving in theaters March 20, 2020), which is solely being handled by director John Krasinski this time around. The actor/filmmaker also had a screenplay credit on the first movie.

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