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Swordsman's future & balancing the 'bros': 5 things we learned from Hawkeye's making-of documentary

Will we see more of Swordsman in the MCU? How many "bros" is too many? All of that and more!

By Josh Weiss
Hawkeye 106 PRESS

The latest installment in the Marvel Studios: Assembled series takes aim at the production of Hawkeye. Clocking in at a full hour, the making-of special (now streaming on Disney+) is packed to the quiver with a ton of behind-the-scenes tidbits relating to Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) and Kate Bishop's (Hailee Steinfeld) adventures across New York City.

The documentary answers a lot of our burning questions like "How any "Bros" is too many?" and "Does Tony Dalton's Swordsman have a future in the MCU?" Head below for a rundown of five things we learned from this journey through the world of Hawkeye...

Rogers: The Musical wouldn't have worked without Marc Shaiman's husband

Hawkeye 101 PRESS

The Captain America stage play on Broadway wouldn't have been half as entertaining, had the husband of Marc Shaiman (who co-wrote the "Save the City" musical number with regular creative partner, Scott Wittman) not been a huge Marvel fan.

"My husband, Lou, is the biggest Marvel nerd on Earth. I thought, 'Did Lou call someone and set them up?'" Shaiman genially recalls in Assembled. "But anyway, there was Kevin Feige and so, I went over to him. He was all film score nerding out on me. I was like, ''re Kevin Feige! If only my husband Lou was here! ... Luckily, all the years I had gone to see all the movies with Lou and sat in the car afterwards and he would explain to me what I had just seen and explain all the Easter eggs and history. So I actually knew words like 'Chitauri' and 'Tesseract.' I never thought I'd be writing lyrics, rhyming Tesseract."

The Tracksuit Mafia actors thought they'd get cooler costumes

Hawkeye 105 PRESS

How many times can you say the word "bro" without reaching critical mass? According to Carlos Navarro, there is no limit. At one point during filming, the actor — who plays Enrique, a member of the Tracksuit Mafia — took a look at the seminal Hawkeye comics from writer Matt Fraction and artist David Aja. "It's like 'bro this' and 'bro that' and we were talking like, 'Man, we need to up our 'bros. We have not been saying enough 'bros!' So we've been bro-ing it out and it's honestly an honor to take on what are some villains that people have been looking forward to seeing in the Marvel Universe."

Co-star Piotr Adamczyk found himself a shade disappointed when he learned the Tracksuit Mafia wouldn't get to wear over-the-top comic book outfits. "I had big expectations when I got the first text from costumes," he admits. "[They said,] 'Send your sizes because we are having a very exceptional costume for you.' Speaking about Marvel, you think, 'Oh my god! We'll play the heroes!!' But it was a joke from the costume guy because he had to do this kind of special costume thousands of thousands of times."

The LARPers are a nod to Ant-Man

Hawkeye 102 PRESS

Grills and the other devoted LARPers who aid Clint and Kate on their mission were apparently meant to channel Scott Lang's core friend group. "When we were in the writers' room and we were talking about, 'How do we integrate our heroes into a world with supporting characters that really can help elevate them and bring them the help that they need?' Much like the ex-cons are to Scott Lang in the Ant-Man world, we wanted to have a group that can bring a fun tone to the series."

Uh...we're gonna need a Grills/Luis crossover stat!

Hawkeye has the most comfortable costume in all of the MCU

Hawkeye 106 PRESS

"I'll never ever complain about the comfort level of the suits compared to every other Avenger and superhero out there," says Renner. "Because we probably have some of the more comfortable ones considering. The only one that might rival the comfort is [Mark] Ruffalo's [because] it's just some checkered pajamas."

Ruffalo, of course, plays Bruce Banner/Incredible Hulk and spends a good portion of his time in a motion-capture suit.

As explained by costume designer Michael Crow, Clint and Kate's matching outfits needed to reflect the moment when the two become a team during the climax at Rockefeller Plaza. "This is the moment where you really want them to feel like they're connected and they're a piece. And I think we accomplished that with the costumes for each of them. Bringing the design elements like the chevron and the various shades of purple and black into the design, so that they feel like they are a collective and a team that can work together and work together well."

Jack may have a bright future in the MCU

Hawkeye 106 PRESS

Jack was never evil, he was just waiting for an excuse to kill people with his sick sword skills. Wait, that came out wrong! Seriously, though, will we see more of Mr. Duquesne (or Swordsman, as he's known in the comics) in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? "We wanted to leave his character at the end as a mystery and that'll actually allow a lot more opportunities down the line if we want to explore Swordsman in the MCU," teases Tran.

Tony Dalton, the man who plays Jack, saw him as "this swashbuckler kind of Errol Flynn-type of character. So, I tried to instill that a little bit into the character; this sort of debonair, very classy kind of guy."

All six episodes of Hawkeye are now streaming on Disney+.