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Count us in: An evil entity terrorizes teens in new 'Head Count' trailer

By Josh Weiss
Head Count

Don't you just hate it when a campfire ghost story turns real? In the latest trailer for Head Count (riding on the momentum of some nice festival buzz), a group of teens in Joshua Tree National Park become stalked by a malevolent entity after one of the kids reads an arcane chant off the Internet. As the teenagers soon realize, they're being terrorized by a shapeshifting monster that seeks to fulfill some sort of deadly ritual. 

The film was helmed by Elle Callahan, a miscellaneous crew member of much bigger Hollywood projects like Avengers: Age of Ultron, Krampus, and Wonder Woman. This marks her feature-length directorial debut. She also serves as executive producer and sound editor.

Check out the trailer:

The movie, which premiered at last year's Los Angeles Film Festival and won the Nightfall Special Jury Prize, was co-written by Callahan and Michael Nader (The Troll). Just last month, Mike Sprague of MovieWeb went so far as to call the finished project a mix between The Thing and It Follows.

Ashleigh Morghan (Snowfall), Isaac Jay (Searching for Salai), Sam Marra (Homecoming), Bevin Bru (Private Sales), Tory Freeth (Murder?), Michael Herman (The Mad Whale), Chelcie May (Evil Things), Billy Meade (Feud), Amaka Obiechie (The Mindy Project), Hunter Peterson (Digital Love), Cooper Rowe (Haven: Origins), and Riley Scott (Sneaky Pete) make up the principal cast.

Here's the poster as well:

Head Count poster

"I will say this outright. Head Count is a chilling mind f--- of a movie," wrote Dolores Quintana of Nightmarish Conjurings in a review from last October. "[It's] a really good and genuinely scary horror film that is light on gore, but not light on thrills. An existential slasher killer stalking a crew of friends with the new guy unleashing horror on them all inadvertently makes for a risk taking and adventurous entry into the horror genre that I can recommend highly."

Head Count will hit theaters, on demand, and digital Friday, June 14.

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