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Meet B.O.T. — the little green Heineken beer cooler powered by an AI brain on wheels

By Benjamin Bullard
Heineken BOT

Just in time for summer, here comes a little robot that (literally) can: Heineken has just rolled out a cool AI-powered robot on wheels; a friendly green gearbox whose entire purpose is devoted to a single cause — making sure there’s a can of cold beer in reach with every step you take.

Say hello to the Beer Outdoor Transporter, a summertime party pal whom Heineken has aptly nicknamed B.O.T. From the look of his on-the-spot navigation abilities, B.O.T. has a pretty intelligent AI brain; one made all the more so for its singleminded commitment to keeping you near beer. After all, who doesn’t want to be able to summon their loyal and trusty pale lager partner with nothing more than a friendly wave of an arm?

Check out B.O.T. dutifully tagging along, beer at the ready, in Heineken’s clip below:

C’mon, lil’ buddy! Not that beer lovers will need to finesse the finer details, but Heineken says the B.O.T. can hold 12 cans of beer, and follows its owner's every command via a smart phone app. The app (we assume) will come pre-loaded on the Samsung Galaxy smart phone that accompanies the B.O.T. you’ll be trying to win in Heineken’s upcoming sweepstakes, which launches on July 1.

That’s right, the B.O.T. is not for sale — at least not right now. If you want to score one, you’ll have to enter Heineken’s sweepstakes and pray to the powers of pilsner that you’ll be among the 20 fortunate finalists to win the verdant-hued vehicle (along with the phone, which also comes as part of the prize package).

Yeah, it’s a bummer that you can’t actually buy one of these. But on the upside, they’re completely free — so long as the contest taps your entry as  a winner. The sweepstakes is a one-day-only affair, so if you want to be the most popular person on your (hopefully smoothly-paved) block, head to the landing page and brew up a plan to get your entry in.