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R-rated Hellboy sizzle reel finally delivers some Lobster Johnson justice!

By Josh Weiss
Lobster Johnson Vol. 2: The Burning Hand

A freshly slaughtered sizzle reel for the upcoming live-action Hellboy reboot delivers on something all of the promo material thus far has abstained from using: Thomas Haden Church's Lobster Johnson.

The reel, which underscores the film's hard R rating, is packed with plenty of bloody gore, from bodies being ripped apart to faces parting company with their heads to giants having their eyes forcibly ripped from the sockets. There's also a good look at the Baba Yaga in action, telling Hellboy (played by David Harbour) that statues will be made for him out of the bones of his enemies.

Hellboy, always eager to reject his true destiny of bringing about the end of the world, simply remarks that such a feat would "take a sh** ton of bones."

Watch the sizzle reel now:

When it comes to Lobster Johnson (sometimes just known simply as "The Lobster"), it seems like he might be replacing the Torch of Liberty (who was created by John Byrne, not Mike Mignola) as the masked hero, who is present for Hellboy's arrival on Earth near the end of World War II. Never one to mince words, he burns his lobster claw insignia into the forehead of a screaming Rasputin with a simple "guten tag."

First introduced in Hellboy: Box of Evil #1, the character was an active (and sometimes brutal) vigilante in Depression-era New York, who later helped the government fight against Hitler in Europe. Johnson was so elusive, however, that many considered him a myth, believing he only existed in old film serials. He eventually met his demise during a mission to sabotage a Nazi attempt to make contact with the Conquerer Worm.

Also featured in comics within Mignola's universe, Johnson is a personal hero to young Hellboy, who spent some of his formative years on a government base in New Mexico. As such, you can hear our main hero shout "I LOVE YOU LOBSTER JOHNSON!" in the sizzle reel.

In early November of last year, it was rumored that Church had been added to the cast as Johnson, but SYFY Wire was the first outlet to have a firm confirmation on that front.

Check out a side-by-side comparison of the character in the comics and in the live-action film below:

Lobster Johnson in the Hellboy universe

Another standout moment from the sizzle reel looks to be ripped straight from the pages of Hellboy: The Complete Short Stories Volume 1, particularly the section where Hellboy tells Abe Sapien about his time spent in Mexico in the mid-1950s. Hunting vampires with three luchador brothers, he was forced to kill one of them in a wrestling ring at an ancient temple when they'd been captured and transformed into a giant bat monster.

Directed by Game of Thrones vet Neil Marshall, Hellboy opens in theaters everywhere April 12.