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SYFY WIRE Helstrom

Helstrom's first full trailer teases a fiery family reunion in Hulu Marvel series

By Jacob Oller

Marvel's only remaining show on Hulu after launching Disney+ and its bevy of MCU TV options is the live-action Helstrom, which dropped its first trailer today after posting its first teaser at Comic-Con@Home.

Initially paired with a now-axed Ghost Rider series, the series from showrunner Paul Zbyszewski follows Daimon (Tom Austen) and Ana Helstrom (Sydney Lemmon). The siblings are the justice-seeking offspring of a serial killer, looking to bring some good into the world. In the comics, the spooky pair are literally the spawn of Satan.

Now, a lot has changed, as fans can see in the series' first teaser:

Welcome to the otherworldly: things that need to be contained away from the regular folk. Things like Daimon and Ana's mom, or at least whatever's gotten a hold on her. Basically, imagine if Marvel made a Constantine-type series, and this is it.

Daimon is a professor of ethics and an exorcist while his sister is an auctioneer — and both seek demon-slaying justice now that their cursed mother has come back into their lives. Oh, and there's "a demon so powerful it could wipe out all of mankind," according to Robert Wisdom's Caretaker. This is definitely the most Supernatural that the Marvel shows have gotten, with plenty of New Mutants horror vibes thrown in for good measure. 

The cast also includes Elizabeth Marvel, who plays the pair's mother, Victoria; June Carryl, who plays Helstrom advocate and caretaker Dr. Louise Hastings; Ariana Guerra, who plays Vatican-sent Gabriella Rosetti; Alain Uy, who plays Ana's friend Chris Yen; and Daniel Cudmore, who plays Keith Spivey, one of the nurses caring for Victoria.

The show looks to be the last gasp of the old era of Marvel TV, green-lit alongside a few other projects — like the aforementioned Ghost Rider — that have since been shuttered. Of course, the company has now decided to shift its TV plans to big-budget Disney+ fare with MCU-connected projects like Falcon and Winter Soldier and Loki

All 10 episodes of Helstrom hits Hulu on Oct. 16.