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Henchmen brings Big Hero 6 and Incredibles vibes, but for wannabe baddies in latest trailer

By Jacob Oller
Henchmen trailer

Splitting the difference between Megamind and Minions on the supervillain job trajectory, Henchmen looks to give superhero fans a look at the little guys doing the dirty work...but in a heroic way. The trailer can explain this convuluted idea, where The Incredibles and Big Hero 6-esque animation vibes turn a wannabe baddie into (somehow) some sort of besuited superhero battling a villain.

Really, it'll all make sense in a second.

The feature debut from writer/director Adam Wood, who also provided the story alongside Jay D. Waxman, comes from Vertical Entertainment and looks to add a star-studded cast of voice actors to its servile super-academy. But Lester (Thomas Middleditch) is the henchman whose pursuit to join the Union of Evil takes a big enough turn that he ends up becoming a bit of a superbeing himself.

Take a look:

So Lester wants to be a bad guy, who will eventually become a supervillain, but then finds a powerful Iron Man-like suit and has to stop a supervillain from taking over...the supervillain island? Sounds like a guy that actually wants to be a hero and hasn't realized it yet (somehow), but that's probably besides the point. At least the cast of evil third-stringers is great.

Among those lending their voices to this super-project are James Marsden, Rosario Dawson, Alfred Molina, Will Sasso, Nathan Fillion, Rob Riggle, Jane Krakowski, Craig Robinson, and Bobcat Goldthwait — tons of comic talent riffing off lines that land somewhere between The Venture Bros. and the MCU in terms of self-awareness.

Fans also get a poster, which kinda has some Fortnite-vibes, right?

Henchmen trailer

Henchmen starts grappling with its super-morality when it hits On Demand on Oct. 9.

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