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Henry Cavill responds to today's DCEU departure report

By Alexis Sottile

Henry Cavill has responded first hand to news of his DCEU departure today with an... interesting Instagram post.

Speculation swirled faster than a speeding bullet today as The Hollywood Reporter published a story claming that Cavill would be out as the DCEU's Superman, due to a sheduling conflict not permitting him to appear as the Man of Steel in the upcoming Shazam! movie. (It's hard not to hear Christopher Reeve's Clark Kent saying, "Aww geez, Lois, that's not fair" to that one.)

Then Cavill's manager, Dany Garcia, who also represents such superheroes as Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, quickly countered with a tweet seeming to dispute THR's take on things, saying, "Be peaceful. The cape is still in his closet." And Warner Brothers' subsequent statement on the matter did little to clear things up, merely praising how great the studio's relationship is with Cavill, etc. 

And now, the Man of (or not of) Steel himself has just weighed in with his own social media post, via Instagram.

As you can see, the post brings up more questions than it answers, as Cavill raises a Superman doll halfway into the frame, and then back out. Pardon the pun but is he "toying" with us? Cavill is wearing a Krypton tee though; can the cape be far behind? 

If the root of the problem is indeed DC's hope for Cavill to appear in next year's Shazam! film, as reported, it begs the question: What was so special about this cameo that Warner Bros. could allegedly be willing to part ways with their Superman of the past five years over it? (We already know Aquaman will be cameo-free.) As with the question of whether Cavill will remain or not, it looks like we'll have to watch the skies for a bird, a plane, or another tweet, to find the answers.