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Hobbs & Shaw had dueling red carpet events at world premiere


The Fast & the Furious franchise may not be sci-fi in and of itself, but its first spinoff movie, Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw actually does introduce a bad guy who pushes the limits of reality. Idris Elba's Brixton Lore is literally a cyborg supervillian... and it's gonna take both Luke Hobbs and Deckard Shaw to bring him down.

SYFY WIRE was recently invited to the world premiere of Hobbs & Shaw, which had two dueling red carpet events. Shaw's side represented a refined London-inspired atmosphere, while Hobbs' side embraced the Samoan culture of Dwayne Johnson, who portrays Luke Hobbs.

There was some good-natured ribbing from both sides of the red carpet, which boasted appearances by Jason Statham, Eve, Vanessa Kirby, Roman Reigns/Joe Anoa'i, director David Leitch, and more. While Hobbs and Shaw are a reluctant team onscreen, Johnson told us that the spinoff came out of the chemistry that he and Statham shared in their previous Fast & Furious movies.

"With the chemistry that had blossomed between myself and Jason, we came up with this idea," said Johnson. "'What if we made Hobbs & Shaw?' So the timing of it is right. Audiences want it, and now it was our responsibility to try to create and deliver something that was big, bombastic, fun, cool, fresh... all these things they would expect from a Fast & Furious movie. And I think we delivered."

"We have great chemistry, me and Jason," added Johnson. "Who would have thought?"

For more interviews from the dual red carpet events, check out the full video!