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Hollywood Medium Tyler Henry explains how he speaks with spirits [Ep #74]

By Jordan Zakarin
Hollywood Medium Tyler Henry

Conjuring spirits and communicating with the dead are generally activities reserved for horror films and science fiction stories, or hokey fortune tellers and carnival acts. Sometimes, in the real world, they’re the stuff of religion, which relies on suspending disbelief, or are debunked rather easily. And then there is Tyler Henry.

The exceedingly polite and earnest eponymous star of E!'s Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry is a 23-year-old from central California who has quickly become showbiz's go-to spiritual communique. On his show, the third season of which premiered last Thursday, Henry joins celebrities in their homes to help them reconnect with lost loved ones. Some are more skeptical than others, but at least on the show, he's generally able to prove his otherworldly capabilities to his client. The same goes for his live events; footage of audience members crying are spliced into each episode, to offer a look at a less controlled environment.

Henry joined the somewhat skeptical hosts of The Fandom Files to tell his story — his powers first manifested when he was a child and felt his grandmother die — and explain how exactly he makes the connections. We peppered him with questions from every angle we could, and the always affable, exceedingly polite and extremely earnest Henry answered each one, as if he could already feel them coming.

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