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Make room for the Wreckers in series reveal for IDW's rowdy new 'Transformers' miniseries

By Jeff Spry
Transformers Wreckers Hero

Beginning this fall, IDW Publishing's ongoing Transformers comic book saga, chronicled from the earliest days of the devastating Cybertronian War, will erupt with the re-introduction of the fan-favorite, down-and-dirty Autobot special missions force in Transformers: Wreckers—Tread & Circuits — and SYFY WIRE is powering up an exclusive first look and series reveal at this latest sci-fi offering.

These "Right Bots For the Job" will star in their own four-issue October miniseries written by David Mariotte (Transformers vs The Terminator, Sonic The Hedgehog) and illustrated by Jack Lawrence (Transformers: Lost Light), with surging colors courtesy of Candice Han from last year’s Transformers / Back to the Future crossover.

Transformers Wreckers Tread & Circuits #1 Cover A

“The Wreckers are an idea that comes from the comics—a team of Autobots willing to do what other Autobots wouldn't, and look cool as heck while doing it," says Mariotte in the official press release. "Every iteration has been a bit different, and with Jack and Candice on art, this one's going to be a gorgeous new take on who the Wreckers are and how they do what they do best.”

The Tread & Circuits storyline offers a glimpse of life on remote colony worlds, far from the Cybertron War, where thrilling entertainment offerings are difficult to find! Fortunately, we can always count on the Wreckers, a fearless team of wild spy/daredevils who broadcast death-defying stunts and action as a cover for their covert operations.

When the security detail of the Speedia 500, an actual race for governmental control of an entire world is threatened, the Wreckers accept a new challenge. They must band together to save the most widely-aired sporting event in the whole galaxy without getting exposed for their undercover affairs.

Transformers Wreckers Tread & Circuits #1 Cover B

“I was collecting the UK Transformers comic when the first Wreckers story was published in 1986, and it’s so awesome to actually contribute to their legend,” adds Lawrence in the same press release. “The Wreckers have always felt like a pulp adventure team, and I'm excited to bring some of that feeling to these pages.”

Transformers: Wreckers—Tread & Circuits #1 will be delivered with multiple cover variants by a trio of talented Transformers comic artists: Cover A by series artist Jack Lawrence, Cover B from Anna Malkova, and a Retailer Incentive edition showcasing artwork by Nick Roche.

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