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SYFY WIRE Back to the Future

Gigawatt aids Marty and Doc in IDW's wild new Transformers Back To The Future miniseries

By Jeff Spry

In a monumental commingling of legendary sci-fi franchises born in the Awesome Eighties, Hasbro's Transformers and NBC Universal's Back to the Future will unite next month in a crazy crossover event for the ages - and SYFY WIRE has a special preview inside the premiere issue arriving Oct. 1. 

IDW's Transformers/Back to the Future miniseries is penned by Cavan Scott, acclaimed bestselling author and writer of IDW’s Star Wars Adventures, and injected with a joyous jolt of vivid artwork via Juan Samu (Marvel Action: Black Panther).

The retro fun starts when Marty McFly returns home from the time-tripping odyssey of a lifetime to a new and improved Hill Valley in 1985. 

But Marty and his mad scientist buddy Doc Brown’s tricked-out flying DeLorean attracts the attention of the evil Decepticons. Now with one tiny error, Marty finds himself shoved back into action to decipher a diabolical Decepticon plot in the past, present, and future, only this time he's got the assistance of a new shapeshifting Autobot time machine called Gigawatt!

BTTF Cover

 A limited-edition Transformers/Back to the Future crossover tie-in toy of Gigawatt (only 1,985 produced) was available for pre-order through Walmart but apparently sold out within seconds. More are expected to be on the general market and sold through Hasbro Pulse when the debut chapters of the 4-issue miniseries first arrive Oct. 1.


"I often joke that my to-do list is the same now as it was when I was 10," Scott tells SYFY WIRE. "With Transformers Back to the Future, I’m definitely doubling down on this fact. Growing up in the '80s, I was obsessed with both series and they mesh so well together. After all, we’re talking about two movies that featured hover boards! But they also have a sense of adventure, heroism, humour and fun that has kept both franchises alive for over 30 years.

"Working with Juan has been so great. His art has added a dynamic punch that totally captures the energy I envisioned when writing the scripts while David Garcia Cruz’s colours take everything to the next level. I can’t wait for the issues to roll out so fans of both worlds can see their favourite characters collide."

comic poster

Now power up our exclusive 5-page preview for IDW's Transformers/Back to the Future #1 in the full gallery below.