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SYFY WIRE Important Toy News

Important Toy News: Amazing Rocketeer and romantic Power Rangers toys are here

By Loryn Stone
Important Toy News Valentine's Day 2020

Welcome back to Important Toy News, the SYFY WIRE column that shows you how the modern-day equivalent of "straw into gold" is more like coins into action figures. Many, many toys and action figures.

Join me, your resident toy journalist, as we take another dive right back into the toy box and ogle all of the collecting world's pretty, pretty things.

Hasbro Lord Zedd and Rita Wedding

Hasbro adds Rita Repulsa to the six-inch scale Power Rangers Lightning Collection line and has brilliantly packaged her with Lord Zedd to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. Being that this Rita is inspired by "The Wedding" episode, her face sculpt favors 2nd Rita actress Carla Perez. While Lord Zedd made his Lightning Collection debut in the flagship wave, this is the first we are seeing of Rita Repulsa.

The two come with wedding accessories, and Rita's cloth dress comes trimmed in silver to lean into the 25th "silver" wedding anniversary gimmick. The Zedd and Rita two-pack is a GameStop Exclusive. It costs $59.99, can be preordered today, and will ship August 2020.

Super7 Beavis and Butthead Cornholio

Speaking of things that were awesome in the '90s, Super7 has officially opened orders on the Beavis and Butt-head ReAction figures toy line.

The wave comes with five figures. We have Beavis and Butt-head in their traditional "Skull" and "Death Rock" shirts (remember, AC/DC and Metallica yield royalties). We have them each in their Burger World uniforms. And we have Beavis with his shirt pulled over his head and eyes bulging as his alter ego "The Great Cornholio."

Man, I was such a bunghole in the '90s and I'm so happy to see these toys. They each cost $17.99 and you can order them one at a time or the whole wave over at BigBadToyStore now.

Panda Mony Alter Nation_Group Posed

In a segment I call "new toys that look inspired by the '90s," I want to take a moment to give it up to the little guys. Sure, it's easy here on Important Toy News to discuss what major toymakers are doing, but sometimes it's cool to peel back the toy manufacturing curtain and see what other people are doing.

New from Panda Mony — which is a toy line that I follow because it's awesome — comes a new set of action figures called Alter Nation. The hook here is that these toys were designed for kids, by kids. And that robot dude Sabotage is rad as hell. Created by data collected via focus group, the flagship wave of toys features six characters that are teenaged human-animal hybrids. The characters' names are Bomber, El Ray, Albert VII, Quillroy, Sham, Daart, Sabotage, and Alpha.

Each figure costs $24.99 and can be ordered directly from Panda Mony today.

Mezco Toyz One_12 Two Face

Does anyone else think that this Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective Two-Face looks like Christian Bale? Maybe Bale plus young Tommy Lee Jones thrown into a blender, but really more Bale-ish? Haha, BALEISH! Like that slimebag from Game of Thrones, and…yeah…I smell Batman crossover fanfiction!

But in all seriousness, this figure is awesome. It's got a really nice looking face and head sculpt, stands 18 cm tall (just over 7 inches), features 28 points of articulation, and has 13 interchangeable hands (which include fists, coin rolling, coin flipping, gun holding, and so on). Per Mezco Toyz, the hands-on Harvey Dent isn't the only thing that keeps on going. He comes with a wide variety of accessories too, such as an encased radioactive bomb with light-up function, a roll of gauze, missile launcher, missile with smoke trail FX, a sub-machine gun with two removable magazines, a handgun with two removable magazines, a gun blast FX, three gun firing FX, four switchblades, four lucky coins, four lucky coins flipping FX, a One:12 Collective display base with logo, and a One:12 Collective adjustable display post.

The One:12 Collective Two-Face figure costs $95, will ship September 2020, and is available for preorder now.

Hot Toys Cosbaby Laughing Joker

From Two-Face to The Joker, we're keeping the Batman villains rolling. But this week, let's get adorable!

Hot Toys, maker of expensive, high end, premium figures, has a super cute chibi line of toys called CosBaby. And now, the Joker will have the last laugh. For only $27.99, you can be the owner of the laughing Clown Prince of Crime.

Via Mezco Toys: "From the classic 1989 Batman film, Hot Toys is excited to present the Cosbaby of The Laughing Joker! Standing over 4 inches tall, The Joker just wants to show off his art appreciation on his way to meet Vicki Vale." He will ship in 3rd quarter 2020. You can see more of the Batman-inspired CosBaby line here at BigBadToyStore.

Diamond Select Toys The Black Hole

Do you like Disney movies and obscure cult classic sci-fi? Then get ready for these amazing Diamond Select Toys figures featuring characters from The Black Hole and The Rocketeer! These toys were announced Spring of last year, but they are finally on their way to customers and toy collectors alike. These toys are 7-inch-scale action figures, and the wave includes robot V.I.N.CENT (with B.O.B.), evil robot Maximilian, and the titular Rocketeer. They are currently in stock, and the entire wave can be ordered for $75.

NBA Selection Kobe Bryant

We've reached the end, my toy loving friends, and we're going to wrap up this week's column by giving some love to recently departed basketball hero Kobe Bryant.

Now fans can pay homage to Kobe with the NBA Collection Kobe Bryant 1:6 Scale Real Masterpiece Action Figure 2-Pack. The 1:6 scale Real Masterpiece Kobe Bryant Action Figure features over 30 points of articulation and stands about 12-inches tall. According to the item's official description, this 2-pack includes "2 different Kobe Bryant bodies – rookie and final season. His rookie era look captures the young, brash, explosive, and high flying Kobe Bryant in his classic Los Angeles Lakers number 8. His final season look captures the intense and methodical Black Mamba look in his Lakers number 24 home jersey." Not to mention that Kobe comes with a wide selection of accessories.

This item costs $399.99, will ship July 2020, and is available for preorder now.