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Important Toy News: Godzilla gets cuter than ever and Batman gets squishy

By Loryn Stone
Godzilla Kidrobot

Welcome back to Important Toy News, the SYFY WIRE column that makes sure you know everything about the coolest findings in the toy world this week. Join me, the internet’s favorite toy journalist, as I show you amazing toy after amazing toy at a rate so unbelievably fast, you don’t know whether your spirit or your wallet will break first.

Well, keep that mind strong and that body weak, my toy hunting and gathering friends, because the odds of keeping your pocket-currency-keeper full of juicy bills are every bit against you this week.

Especially if you’re a Transformers fan.

Takara Tomy Golden Convoy Statue

In a crowdfunding effort direct from Takara Tomy comes a 35th Anniversary Optimus Prime… trophy. Now, Takara Tomy has made it very clear that if this item isn’t fully funded, then Golden Convoy (the Japanese name for Opty) will never come to be. And really, I’m still not sure whether or not that’s for the best. Hear me out, because this piece is funny. Golden Convoy was announced as an exclusively Japanese item for 16,800 yen, or about $165.

Suddenly, he’s on sale in the States for $300 because we always find our ways. And then, to top off the awesome, this trophy, which stands about 9.5 inches tall, still transforms into a truck cab! There’s no way this monster can’t get funded!

Although it’s not like… I’m buying one… or anything.

Yes… moving on!

Flame Toys IDW Optimus Prime

Next up from Flame Toys comes an IDW Comics style Optimus Prime. He has an MSRP of $449.99 (hoowah!), is around 21 cm, and has LED units packed in the body. You can preorder your own from The Chosen Prime and he will be shipped in January 2020.

Optimus Prime comes with very rich accessories, including 2 swords, 2 small axes, short cannon, big sword, and 7 pairs of hands in total. You can set any fighting pose easily. Three interchangeable faces are available to present all the different emotional effects of Optimus Prime.

Super7 Megatron

And lastly in Transformers news comes an awesome new San Diego Comic-Con exclusive from toy makers Super7, in the form of Super Cyborg Megatron.

The evil leader of the Decepticons is a Generation One Cartoon-Accurate,12-inch poseable action figure with fusion cannon and removable chest plate, showcasing his robotic innards. The debut X-Ray edition Super Cyborg Megatron is cast in crystal clear plastic with a painted inner torso and packaged in a deluxe window box. He will cost $75 at the show.

Kidrobot Godzilla King of the Monsters Mini Vinyl

Speaking of giant imports from Japan, here are some more sweet Godzilla: King of the Monsters toys. And yes, my peoples, it’s finally happening: I am showing you adorable Godzilla vinyl toys that you can buy. Like today… you know… right now from Kidrobot.

They have an MSRP of $9.99 each. Following the release of the 2019 Godzilla movie, this high-quality vinyl series from Kidrobot features versions of Godzilla throughout the years with versions from the 1954 Japanese kaiju film, the 1985 kaiju film, and more, plus Mothra, Rodan, and King Ghidorah.

There are 13 blind box figures so enjoy collecting and spending lots of money while hoping you don’t get too many repeats. Although a little Ghidorah army wouldn’t be the worst thing.

Medicom Toy MAFEX Thor Infinity War

You guys ready for some Superhero toys?! Superhero news that… doesn’t involve a new Spider-Man action figure announcement?! Is that even allowed in the toy collecting ether?!

New from Medicom Toy’s MAFEX line is a new Thor figure from his depiction in Avengers: Infinity War. He measures about 16cm tall, and Medicom has taken extra care to recreate his facial features, suit, and weapon from the movie. He features newly designed joints to make posing easier than ever and comes with plenty of effect parts and optional hands to recreate scenes from the movie, especially the parts where Mjolnir is doing awesome things.

Thor will ship February 2020 and has an MSRP of $68. You can preorder him today from HobbyLink Japan. HAMMER HIGH!

DC Collectibles Batma v TMNT

We took a break from discussing San Diego Comic-Con exclusives for what… 20 seconds now? And now we’re bringing it back to talk about five sets of superheroes… packaged in a two-pack together. Yeah — that’s a lot of package.

Coming from DC Collectibles in this SDCC GameStop exclusive is the Batman Vs. TMNT Figure Bundle. Again, there are five sets to choose from: Batman & Leonardo Figure 2-pack, Robin & Raphael Figure 2-pack, Batgirl & Donatello Figure 2-pack, Alfred & Michelangelo Figure 2-pack, and Ra’s Al Ghul & Shredder Figure 2-pack.

You can order them all together for $249.99.

Now, here is that naughty SDCC caveat. You preorder the thing, show GameStop proof that you ordered the thing, and then you don’t get the thing — it will get shipped to you in December. You're welcome to try to hack the matrix and order the items from the GameStop website yourself, but this face over here (aka me) isn’t making any promises.

Super7 TMNT Pizza Box Figures

Want to hear more San Diego Comic-Con Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles exclusive news? Of course you do! Who doesn’t love toys they can’t have?!

Super7 is getting super creative with this one by sealing their brand-new 3.75 inch Ninja Turtle ReAction Figures to a blister-pack triangle of the four dudes’ favorite wild, infamous pizza combinations. Each four-pack set includes: Leonardo with Katanas and Pizza Slice accessory, Raphael with Sai and Pizza Slice Accessory, Donatello with Bo Staff and Pizza Slice Accessory, Michelangelo with Nunchucks and Pizza Slice Accessory, and Pizza Delivery Box with cut-out Ninja Costume and accessories!

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ReAction Figures Pizza Power Four-Pack will available only at Super7 Booth 2543 at San Diego Comic-Con.


And to wrap up our superhero toy news with even more tasty Batman delights, let’s take a look at some adorable new toys you can have!

Man, that '80s Anniversary is causing some serious Batman toy spillage. No one is complaining over here! Available this month from is YuMe’s Batman DZNR Series, which will be available in 7-inch chibi plush gift boxes starting at $14.99.

YuMe has selected some of Batman’s most iconic iterations to design and curate a collection worthy of the hero's devoted fandom. The seven designs that make up the core of the Batman DZNR Series will be released weekly. This line of awesome plush will pay tribute to the iconic Batman comic legacy, while also showcasing and celebrating more modern Batman designs that classic and new fans will appreciate.

Mondo Mondoids Gremlins

'90s kids, this one is for us! Remember how back in the day everything was gross? Well, Mondo is leaning into it hard. Super hard. '90s hard.

Coming in November 2019 with an MSRP of $20-$25 are the Mondoids. According to Mondo’s lore, these toys have come from the planet MONDOIDA to make friends and eat snacks, but their true form is too GROSS to look at!

That’s why they’ve taken the forms of humankind’s favorite pop culture icons.

Series One includes Fallout: Vault Boy, Marvel's Green Goblin, Marvel's Venom, Jurassic Park: T-Rex, Melting Gremlin, Jurassic Park Raptor, and Friday the 13th's Jason Voorhees.

All of this is great. Awesome. Easy to get behind — except for one thing. Too gross to look at?! Please. We all know that it doesn’t matter what people look like. If they come into the room with a dishful of nachos, they’re the prettiest monster in the room.

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